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Do you love home speaker systems or home theater? This site is here to help you make your system even better. From high quality speaker systems to learning how to properly set them up, its all here.

Home Audio and Video setup help:

Home theater setup, how-to projects - with step by step instructions... Example? Learn how to build a home theater PC; see the HTPC build page.

How-to videos for many different subjects related to stereo speaker building and home theatre. Example: See speaker crossover page.

best home speaker and best home theater speakers We can help you get your home theater room right... room correction instruction's, setup and use explained. Example: See home theater plan page.

You'll also notice an un-common approach to high end home audio. We do not follow the blind recommendations and opinions of other audio writers.

Get more from your entertainment

    speaker cabinets, an audio shelf system that beats them all

    Spend significantly less money on your stereo home speaker system while enjoying higher performance.

    Build your own home theater computer HTPC, build speakers, or audio wires...

best home theater speakers and surround sound speakers

Where to start?

    1. Bookmark the Home Speaker site (right mouse button click; hit 'bookmark this page', then hit enter.)
    2. Learn to tailor the sound of your speaker system to fit your room acoustics, home theater systems specs, so they operate accurately.
    3. Address your home theater acoustics or room acoustics.
    Use room correction and room treatments to improve the sound quality and acoustics of your room.

    How to Navigate This Site

    When you see a blue box like this, use it to navigate to pages that may not be found in the Navigation bar. There are also navigation links at the bottom of the pages. Links in these blue boxes go to deeper levels in the site...

    1. Read more about the HTPC (home theater personal computer) and how it can be used.

    2. How to improve your room acoustics and home theater plan.

    *Use these blue boxes and the Navigation Bar on the left to find articles. You can also use our SITE MAP page to see all articles on this site.

    4. Consider DSP or Digital Signal Processing. DSP is becoming very popular in the high end home speaker market and made affordable with the use of the home theater computer or HTPC.
    new instrument 7 the best stereo speakers and the best home speaker systems

    This is an efficient way to reap dramatic increases in transparency and resolution for your speaker or home cinema set up. Most importantly it is possible to use DSP in home theaters or stereo speakers playback systems today, and you need not replace your whole system to use it!
    5. Use a Home Theater PC or computer (HTPC)., it's a great way to add functional convenience, and superior performance to your home speaker system. Use an HTPC to implement DSP functions... Make an HTPC part of your home theater plan and integrate it into the home theater systems design from the start.
    6. Have you listened to new stereo speakers or several home theater systems in your own home before purchase? Does your dealer offer the possibility of demoing gear in your own home? How will this 'new' audio system sound in your home theater or stereo listening room?
    7. You may be curious about Speaker Building, Speaker boxes, or Speaker Box Design with Free DIY Speaker Projects and speaker plans. See Digital Audio Speakers and DIY Speaker Projects page for more information. DIY speakers or speaker box building is an excellent way to save substantially over retail products.

digital audio speakers and speaker plans helps you build an entertainment system that offers "realistic live sound",

that will effortlessly draw you into your favorite recordings:

This site was developed to help you put together a great home entertainment system that will play music and movies with accuracy. You can own a high end audio/video system at substantial savings compared the current 'high end model'. Ready to get started? Learn about the best media center PC and how it can help you! home theater pc

If you have a question or a comment about anything on this site, drop me a message on the "Contact Us" page. Enjoy the site. Peter

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