Which HDTV Resolution is Better? “1080i VS 1080P VS 720p”

What are the different HDTV Formats?

Do your eyes glaze over when reading these numbers; “1080i VS 1080p and 720p VS 1080p”?…ever feel like the formats for HDTV’s were designed only to irritate and confuse you?

HDTV formats will make perfect sense
(in only 3 minutes) I promise

Samsung LED DLPLets concentrate on the latest video LCD, Plasma, and LED HDTV formats that offer the greatest viewing experience. No older resolutions here like 480p (but you’ll know what that means too. What are my HDTV picks?Best Price LCD TV (recommended by Peter Selby)

Let’s get the strange letters out of the way:
1080i VS 1080p

What are they? What do they mean? What are the “i” and “p”?

• i – The “i” in 1080i or 720i represents ‘interlaced’.

• p – the “p” represents ‘progressive’ or ‘progressive scan’.

So how do these different technologies differ? The better question is why should you care?1080 stands for 1080 individual lines from the top of the screen to the bottom. You may have seen it as (1920 x 1080 lines of resolution).

How does 1080i and 1080p work differently?

1080i: This format lays the images on the screen in alternating sequence. This works by skipping every other line on the page with the first pass. When at the bottom of the page the odd numbered lines are done and it comes back and fills in the even numbered lines starting again at the top. It does this at a rate of 30 frames per second.

This would be like writing an article, and skipping every other line.

However, the information that should be on the line between printed lines is missing. Then when you get to the bottom you come back and fill in the sentences of the story that should have been between the lines at the beginning.

I’m not sure why the engineers ever designed the software this way in the first place. It may have had something to do with improving on refresh rates with the software available at the time.

1080p: This format lays the lines down just like writing on a page where one sentence flows into the next and the next and so on. This makes the viewing more even with less artifacts and jump in the picture.

To most Home Theater and movie enthusiasts 1080p is considered to be the standard to beat and superior to 1080i HD.

Interestingly, most broadcast TV shows displayed in HD are displayed in 1080i as this was the standard when the industry switched over to HD a few years ago.

Both are 1920 by 1080 lines of resolution. That is 1920 lines wide by 1080 lines from top to bottom.

This resolution is creating 2,073,600 pixels on the screen. This is a full 1080p display.

How can you use the numbers “1080i VS 1080p” to determine the quality of a HDTV set?

Technology has moved on to 1080p and inevitably it will move on again as some HDTV sets are already capable of resolutions higher than 1080p.

Right now 1080p is considered the superior format for the latest HD viewing.

Summary for 1080i VS 1080p:

If you are considering which HDTV, LED HDTV, LCD, or Plasma you should get here is the performance breakdown.

The highest performance sets being at the top of the list.

Some of the (lesser quality) sets may actually have a better picture for other reasons such as their video decoders but these recommendations are based strictly on a performance capability level.

LED HDTV 1080p

LCD HDTV 1080p

Plasma HDTV 1080p

LCD HDTV 1080i

Plasma HDTV 1080i



Plasma HDTV 720p

HDTV set numbers lower than this would be considered obsolete by new hardware standards.

…so who makes the best HDTV?

Were you looking for a cheap LCD HDTV?

Or the best price LCD TV?

If only it were that easy…

There are so many variables that determine who is the best.

Samsung is ahead of the race right now in my opinion but, that could change by the time you read this article.

Finding the best LED TV review is a tough because the technology changes so fast.

How to Find a Great HDTV set and know its the right one for you

Find out what people are buying and see what other consumers are saying about specific products.

If you use the Amazon ad at the top right of this page you can read LCD, Plasma, and LED TV review that costumers have written.

It is a good way to learn about a product without dealing with magazine biases.

There are often reviews of a given model and customer testimonials who have recently bought the LED TV or LCD set. Now you know what the terms 1080i and 1080p mean. And thus, yoiu also should be able to understand other numbers such as 720p also as they work the same way.

Often, if there are LCD TV problems or other set problems you can know about it from the reviews.

People tend to report when they are upset with a product or service.

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