JRiver Media Center Review

Writing the JRiver Media Center review was effortless. For one, I use this player exclusively now. I like it that much. I has been easy to use. Easy to set up. And has more capabilities and options than I know what to do with.

Using J River and your Droid or iPhone for remote

You can easily set up your smart phone as a remote to control playback of your files. Even from different zones. If you are within range of your home network with your smart-phone then you can access playback and control Media Center. This is one of the most useful APS I have used to date. It is so convenient and simple to set up. I wager that anyone could do it. I had my APP set up and running within 5 minutes. Simple.

Ease of setup and use:

When JRiver Media Center offers an update, you can keep your old version or upgrade to the new one. You can even run both versions if you wish to. Blu Ray support, DVD, and nearly any other file type can be played within J River Media Center.

Multiple sound card support

Need to run ASIO? No problem. Need to run multiple sound cards? You can even set the player to output to different zones and to different places within your home. JRiver Media CenterEven if these zones use different input types such as digital fiber optic, coax, or even analog inputs, you can send audio with J River to those zones independently. Learn how: J River Media Center using Droid for Remotehere.

High resolution Music files on J river

Performing the JRiver Media Center review was actually fun because I could play back my high resolution music files easily. As long as your hardware (sound card) can play the file, then J River will have no trouble playing it. Simply set the output of your selected zone to send the signal to the card you want to use and set your upsampling within the player “options”. You can even set regular stored CD’s to be up-sampled prior to output. Get the JRiver Media Center now and enjoy your library like never before.

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