7.1 Surround Sound Speakers and “HiFi Home Entertainment Speakers”

“These are Excellent Speakers by Any Measure” -Dave, Chillicothe Ohio
Do you need 7.1 surround sound speakers that offer reference quality sound without the reference quality price? Look no further. These speakers don’t waste anything least of all your money. The MC2SE speaker was strategically designed to take advantage of being used with a subwoofer. Meaning, it is not designed to produce lots of bass on its own, it needs the help of a good subwoofer to fill in the bottom.

The MC2SE is very small and it doesn’t try to be something it is not… this just makes sense. Why ask a speaker to produce bass when they don’t have the room in the cabinet to do it?

This is a midrange and treble speaker, nothing was wasted in the design. This speaker leaves the bass duties to the sub, but does everything else with authority and grace to a level you’ve probably never heard before…

MC2M 7.1 surround sound speakers and bookshelf speakers

The new MC2SE speaker; Featuring a midrange driver, full range driver, and outfitted perfectly to mate to a subwoofer, this speaker offers excellent performance in a very tiny package.

The MC2SE can be used in these ways:

    • Placed as bookshelf speakers the MC2M is a fine addition to any fine home theater system package even if mounted on bookshelves.

• Used as wall mount speakers; the MC2M has included wall mount inserts, all you need is to screw them to a common speaker mounting bracket.

• Used on speaker stands in a HiFi system

Baltic Birch Ply speaker box enclosures using a layered structure

cutaway showing layered cabinet structure and bracing of MC2M speakers

Each speaker uses our proprietary layered cabinet structure. Not only are the cabinets layered but each layer is also cut at an angle on the CNC router during machining.

This is a critical step in the process and a step that no one else is doing as far as we can know; definitely not in products of this price or category for 7.1 surround sound speakers.

The cabinets themselves are extremely strong, inert, and offer a fully dead platform so that the box is not introducing resonance into the delicate signal being produced. The end result is the speaker ‘sings’ like no other speaker we’ve heard.

The MC2SE is designed to be used with a subwoofer. They are capable of pretty good bass given their size and the sizes of the drivers, but for high level SPL or home theater, you will want to use a subwoofer.

Still, some users like to listen to music or movies with these speakers as is and without any sub; as long as you don’t get carried away with the volume knob, this works very well. The MC2M bookshelf speakers offer a very continuous and coherent sound even as high end 7.1 surround sound speakers.

surround sound speakers cabinet structure

The cabinet is a sealed design for maximum power handling. The volume of air in the chamber serves to protect the drivers by helping them ‘to not bottom’ out under power. The air acts as a spring which pushes back on the driver at high power. This protects them and helps them to play louder where they were designed to play.

Part of the reason these speakers sound so good is that they have extremely low moving mass.

The moving mass is only 2.5grams!

Because of the light weight of these drivers the speakers can start and stop very quickly, which tends to make music sound more lifelike and airy. And that is exactly what these speakers do. They sound completely lifelike and airy in ways that most speakers can only dream of…

Why was the MC2SE 7.1 surround sound speakers built so small?

We chose a small cabinet with very small drivers for several reasons.

First, the goal was a small speaker so that it could be hidden as bookshelf speakers, as small stand mounted 2 ways, or used as on wall speakers for theatre surround sound systems.

Second, we wanted to use a cabinet building technique that literally no one is using on the market at this price point. The layered Baltic birch ply cabinets yield such an advantage when it comes to eliminating cabinet resonance that we wanted this technology advantage even on the smaller speakers in our lineup. This meant using a high quality cabinet that only sacrificed size, not quality or attention to detail during the machining process.

home theatre surround sound speakers cabinet structure

Third; many customers don’t want large speakers. Either they don’t want them to be the focal point of the room or they want a high resolution, but small speaker to integrate into an existing décor, large speaker systems don’t always look good in a customer’s home.

Fourth; hiding a subwoofer is generally much easier than hiding the very large main speakers. By making the main 7.1 surround sound speakers tiny, we maximized the possibilities that they could be hidden or placed ‘mostly’ out of sight. At the very demur scale of the MC2M speaker, they can be placed almost anywhere without posing a size issue. Then the subwoofer can be hidden in the room as well and you still have a high resolution sound system available without having to look at it.

Fifth; believe it or not the small scale of this speaker actually works to its advantage. Because of the small size, it can produce imaging to a scale that makes most large speakers green with envy. T

hey just don’t take up much room, so placing instruments and images from an imminently small location is very easy for the MC2SE speakers.

This disappearing act is much harder for large speaker systems to accomplish, but it’s a walk in the park for the MC2SE speaker.

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