Here’s a Simple Solution to Which is Best – AMD VS Intel CPU?

The better processor brand? Better for a gamer, a casual user, a video editor?

AMD VS Intel CPU performance comparisons are a dime a dozen on the internet. And who wants to read a bunch of graphs and charts anyway?Intel 2500k CPU

Want Some simple, Real World Advice?

The performance of a high quality Intel chip is hard to ignore – no doubt… Intel’s best models perform well in nearly all benchmark tests. (Intel’s top of the line processors) So if you are not on a budget the best Intel may be the best CPU and typically outperform the best from AMD as of (07/04/2012).

I don’t see this changing anytime soon either. Every time AMD tries to come out with a chip it doesn’t seem to live up to the hype or smoke the Intel chips. And the better Intel chips can outperform AMD’s top of the line processor products too; But not if you’re on a budget, then AMD chips certainly offer a great bargain.

AMD has done a great job of offering a smaller variety of processors that compete with Intel high performance processors on value. Sure AMD offers some high performance chips; but they also do so at reasonable prices. Don’t get me wrong; if you know what you are looking for you can find some truly great Intel chips at reasonable prices. The Intel core i5 2500k quad core is a good example. At $220.00 USD this chip has better performance than the best AMD quad cores for a little more money. Now the 3rd gen chips the i5 3570k is replacing the 32nm architecture with 22nm dies. The i7 2600k which has been replaced by the 3770k is even faster than and has multithreading as well as larger cache. It can be found for around $300.00 right now. These are pretty much the best deals you can get for speed/performance. The 6 core processors are even more impressive but also quite expensive. All of these I’ve mentioned above are unlocked (k) versions. The i5 2500k (4 core) that I have is currently overclocked to 4.7Ghz on air. So that gives you an idea of what can be done with them. I could clock it even higher, but I’m more interested in longevity and a useful overclock, not pushing my luck.

Which should you buy?
Intel or AMD?

Again, Intel CPU’s are more expensive. So if you are doing an AMD VS Intel CPU comparison you may be better off going for an AMD unit such as… AMD VS Intel CPU comparisonComing in very close in performance is the AMD 970 Quad core for around $185.00 USD with slightly less impressive benchmark performance numbers than the 760 i5 from Intel and quite a bit behind the i5 2500k. Thirty five dollars less and almost the same level of performance; both of these processors are excellent examples of some bargain chips that should be on your short list for AMD VS Intel CPU ratings. As far as Intel chips are concerned; the i5 2500k/3570k is the best bargain I know of offered by Intel. Usually, you will pay twice as much for this level of performance. None of their other processors are really even close to this price/performance ratio.

Best Intel CPU Bargain:

The Core i5 2500k and 3570k Quad Core processors can be found for a little over $210.00. Their performance is excellent for the price and their CPU ratings. If you want to spend a little more go for the Intel CPU Core i7 3770k processor. It can be found for a little under $300.00 and is an excellent unit also. There are a lot of over clockers getting this chip over 5.0 GHz. This one also included multi-threading.

Best AMD CPU Bargain – AMD VS Intel CPU comparison results:

AMD 965 and 970 Quad Core CPU; these can be found for $165.00 and $185USD respectively. Both are great buys in my view. All of these processors both Intel and AMD can be overclocked to reach around to 4GHz on air. Some tuners have achieved better results than this. Your results may vary. Don’t be upset with me if you cannot get your system stable at 4GHz; a lot of your success will determine on other factors such as your CPU cooler and motherboard, etc. The AMD 555BE and 560BE are dual core processors that are often unlocked into quad core units. (you must match this processor with a motherboard that an unlock the cores) I’m not entirely sure how or why AMD does this but if you know what you are doing these two processors are probably the best deals on the CPU market. Both of these units can be bought for less than $100.00 and can be overclocked to over 4GHz in many situations. Just keep in mind it is not always a guarantee that the cores will successfully unlock or be stable when you do unlock them. All the same; I helped a friend built a PC using the AMD 555BE and it unlocked to a quad core just fine. He overclocks it to 3.8GHz and it works great.

Upcoming High Performance Processors – AMD VS Intel CPU comparison:


If you do not care about the money –Intel is better. If you are looking for maximum performance and low cost – the AMD CPU cannot be beat. Read about the best computer surround sound speaker.

How does the CPU relate to the HTPC – Home Theater Computer?

Your Home Theater PC must use a processor. And it may as well be a fast one; here’s why. You need to keep your heat low. Start with a fast processor and keep it cool with the best CPU fan you can afford to buy. This will likely be a large fan and large heat sink CPU fan. Look for a 120mm CPU fan for maximum cooling and lowest noise. Even better is one that offers a manual fan speed control. If you are playing movies, you won’t need much power and can keep the fan speed low to eliminate noise. If gaming; turn up the fan speed to keep the CPU temps down. If you really need to keep the HTPC quiet and cool place the unit in another room. Or a ventilated equipment closet for your home theater. Also, if you are using your HTPC to playback movies and music I have found that the clock of the playback device can lock onto the signal much better if the PC is highly powerful. The better the clock lock, the better grip the PC can keep on the music or movie playing. Playback devices use the clock of the PC to keep timing in check. Your HTPC should not be slow for this reason alone. Buffers often can be increased but in some situations buffers are not useful. Keeping a PC quiet and cool is not that difficult; just plan to use large slower moving fans on the best HTPC build for your budget.
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