AMD VS Intel CPU; AMD loses the Battle!!! -Then why Are AMD processors Still Awesome?


How can AMD lose the CPU performance battle but still come out on top?

By being cheaper of course. But cheaper is not always the best choice with an AMD VS IntelCPU debate. Choosing the right CPU for your computer or computer build may be a little frustrating…

Building a New PC or Replacing the CPU?

If you are replacing CPU then you may have fewer options than you think. If you already own the motherboard, you will need to choose a CPU that is the same socket type as your motherboard. CPU sockets are specific to each brand and also number of pins.

You cannot just slap any old CPU into a Mobu. It probably won’t work and likely will not even fit. If you know the socket type that you have or are starting all new with your computer build you can choose anything you want. Want to build your own HTPC (home theater personal computer) or build computer kit? Go to HTPC build. Building an all new computer system? Decision time!

Cost no object builds?

If cost is no object; Intel offers the fastest CPU’s on the market.

Intel processors

Are better for running very complex games and for video editing. The benchmarks of their best CPU’s are better than any AMD processor to date. But you may be surprised to know that these Intel top of the line processors start at about $220.00 and go up to over $1000.00. These prices are just for the CPU. No other components are included in this price.

AMD processors

If you are looking for high performance yet you want a solid value you may need to get an AMD processor. AMD processors are a bit less expensive and they offer some units that are ‘close’ in performance levels. AMD processors are priced at a maximum of about $300.00 for comparison sake. Which brand you choose to get is not that important; they both offer their own advantages and there are good reasons for buying either. For most budget minded people AMD processors are probably the better buy. However, if cost is not a problem and you are looking for maximum speed then Intel is the way to go. Need some surround sound speakers for your computer speakers system? What would be best CPU for your computer build?

Overclockers beware!

You should know that if you plan to overclock the CPU you can probably get a higher clock speed increase from an Intel CPU than an AMD CPU. This is especially true of Intel’s unlocked CPU units such as the i5 2500k, i7 2600k, or Intel i7 2700k processors. These three processors can be overclocked to over 5Ghz on air, an not with too much difficulty either. My Intel CPU i5 2500k processor is clocked for every day operation at 4.5 Ghz on air. It never exceeds 60 degree Celsius even at full load. Normal running temps are around 27 deg Celsius. I’m not sure what causes these differences but Intel CPU’s tend to be able to handle high heat better than AMD units. While AMD chips typically run cooler; they also will shut down faster under a high heat load. AMD processors can be overclocked just fine but here is an example of a AMD overclock versus an Intel overclock: In general terms; the Intel will overclock higher if beginning with the same stock processor clock speed. Intel stock speed: 3GHz Intel overclock speed: 4.2GHz AMD stock speed: 3GHz AMD CPU overclock speed: 3.8GHz This is just an example and is not indicative of the results you may achieve, but compared across the product lines, these are results that you could expect to find from both brands. Building the best Home Theater personal computer using the latestcpu ratings and replacing cpu? Make sure you get the right parts for the job.

For most PC users the AMD VS Intel CPU battle is a moot point:

The average user will only need the capabilities of the AMD platform which offers a better value to the consumer. If you are into designing graphics and or gaming and need an extremely powerful computer than I would want one that has a higher overclock potential like the better Intel units.

Gamers and video editors go with one of the better Intel chips… these usually start around $220.00 USD Everyone else will do just fine with an AMD chip.

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