Audio Amplifier Schematic: “the Ultimate Audio Stereo Amplifier Project”


Done Right DIY

Today’s article is about a neat little audio amplifier schematic I found.

No I didn’t build it or design it. (we only design loudspeakers right now)

This amp build was just something I stumbled across when researching about amplifiers. I think for many of DIY builders it’s a great idea of how to build our own amps.

This guy went a bit over the top, which is why I like it so much.

Personally, I don’t plan on building my own amplifiers.

I think it would take me too long because I would want to build something like this guy did. This would mean countless hours of lab time and design work on the audio amplifier schematic. And right now, I don’t have that kind of time (again, loudspeaker building and design).

But the idea behind his audio amplifier circuit diagram is stellar.

He built a two channel audio amplifier module. And a really nice one at that, this is one of the better audio amplifier circuits I’ve seen.

So, here we go with a little about amplifier design and what is important. You will obviously have to have some test equipment and lots of tools in order to be able to pull this off.

(the guy who designed this amp took his page down. Very sorry for this inconvenience. This is the only information left on the design unfortunately. Which is a real bummer, cause it was cool.

audio amplifier schematic

Tools you may need to build audio amplifier circuits

• (optional) USB oscilloscope

• 60/40 rosin core electronic solder (.031-.060″ diameter); 63/37 is easier to work with for some.

    1. Level two, number one

o Kester 44 Rosin Core Solder 60/40 .031″ 1 lb. Spool – get it at PARTS EXPRESS – Your Source for Home and Car Audio Electronic Parts and More

You can get most of these tools from the “Parts Express” link right above. Just use their search bar to enter the part name you want to find on their site.

• Vacuum De-soldering tool (Solder pump)


  • Level two, number one


o Extra Large Desoldering Pump

• Plier sets


  • Level two, number one

o Stanley 84-079 6-Piece Bi-Material Mini Plier Set


• Wire stripper and cutter – you can get a good set of these at Lowes or Home Depot (many of the other tools can be purchased there as well.

• Screwdriver

• Socket Set

• Digital multi-meter (DMM) and leads needed for amplifier troubleshooting


  • Level two, number one


o Triplett Model 9005-A Digital Multimeter – You can get most of these tools at this link, just enter your tool name into their search bar at Parts Express – Free Shipping Every Day on most orders over $98 (Restrictions apply).

• Steel 12” ruler (for mapping out chassis holes)


  • Level two, number one


o General Tools 1201ME 12-Inch Flex Precision Stainless Steel Rule

• Drill Press/Hand Drill

• Greenlee stepper bit (Works better on aluminum chassis)


  • Level two, number one


o Greenlee 34403 7/8-Inch Multi-Hole Step Bit

• Parts organizers

• Rubber Floor Mat (isolate yourself from the ground)

• Can of Compressed air


  • Level two, number one


o Clean-Away, Dual Pak, 12 OZ. Non-Flammable Duster Spray

• Safety Glasses

• Faceshield

• Soldering station

• Fume Extractor

Is it worth doing?

I don’t know… the builder seems to think so.

To me, the numbers look pretty good.

He did a really nice job of measuring the amp and executing the design.

He clearly did his research and took a lot of care to get the details right.
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