Audio File Home System Theater (audiophile) Guide

What to do when you don’t know what to do

Looking for an audio file home system theater? (audiophile) There are so many options on the market it is really difficult to know where to start. The first thing to establish is your budget. After that things get a bit easier.

Starting budget
At the bottom of the barrel is the home theater in a box. These systems are fairly cheap and offer a plug and play experience that will satisfy many wants/needs. They will not offer the best of the best in terms of video performance and definitely will suffer pretty terribly in terms of audio performance. Why is audio performance a problem with the cheapest alternatives? Audio performance is largely dictated by the quality of components in a speaker system. This includes the drivers (the cones that make the sound), the cabinets, and the crossover components. The crossover is a part of the speaker that splits the audio signal into parts so that damage does not occur to the individual drivers. (tweeters for example cannot play deep bass notes) The cabinets are pretty important.

Good cabinets/Bad cabinets
There are a hundred ways to make a good cabinet. But sadly finding a good cabinet on the market will not be so easy. Speakers are made pretty cheaply for the most part. Cabinets are made to be as lightweight as possible to kSamsung LED DLPeep shipping to a minimum. Look for cabinets that are robust. They may not be heavy in all cases, but if you knock on them and they feel really sturdy, chances are they are fairly well made. If they sound like thin cheap plastic, then that’s probably what they are. Don’t assume that particle board will sound better than a plastic cabinet in all cases. A good cabinet can be made from injection molded plastic. It can be done. You just have to look out for them to find them.

Review sites
Not always the best way to find good speakers. Not because they cannot be truthful but because there are literally so many options that you may have better luck listening to the speakers and reviewing them yourself. The reason this works is because it is your ears that have to live with the speaker system. If you check them out and satisfy yourself that they are good quality, who is to say you are wrong? Listening is subjective. Now that’s not to say that speakers should not be measured for accuracy. But most speakers in this budget area are not going to provide measurement data.

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