Audio Home Speaker Testing Some Free Downloads to Get Started

The parts and materials you may need for audio home speaker testing.

1. A good microphone: You could also use a Radio Shack SPL meter. These have a built in mic. The Radio Shack SPL meter is not the best you could use, but it will get the job done in a pinch…

A correction file can be downloaded to easily correct the response of this mic.

2. A computer to store the measured file data.

microphone picture

3. A speaker measurement program
to generate the signal sweeps and record the in room response.

4. A sound-card to output the signal from the computer. You may need an ASIO capable sound card. Although, most built in sound cards will also work fine.

5. You may need a variety of patch cables depending on the type of measurements you are taking. This is usually explained pretty well in the operating instructions of the measurement software listed above.

When you know what cables you will need click here to order them from Wire & Cable– A large selection of bulk reels to completed cables in every style and length.

Other speaker testing uses.

6. Click here for other Home Theater Software programs that will help with your Home Theater calibration and measurements.

Other Things to Consider:

If you already own a laptop or desktop computer most of the equipment you will need for making your own measurements is very inexpensive. It is possible that it will cost you nothing at all.

And making the measurements is not hard as long as you follow the instructions of the software you are using very carefully. Furthermore, its rewarding to see the response of your own room plotted in detail so that a plan of action can be taken to control it.

I can’t stress this enough. Making in room measurements and driver measurements is very important.

Why no instructions on setup here?

You will notice that I do not include the setup instructions here to show how to do this. That’s because the detailed instructions from the software designers is better than anything I could come up with. It works, so use it.

There’s no need to duplicate setup instructions either.

The rewards of taking audio measurements to get the best home theater acoustics is worth the time invested.

It only makes sense to know what issues your home audio system and and home theater room layout may have.
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