An Easy way to Get Audiophile Computer Speakers for Less

These Computer speakers are very simple and easy to construct

Audiophile computer speakers are unique because they are even simpler than most stereo speaker designs.

Benefits of This Design:

Dynamic on music and movie playback

More musical than conventional computer speakers.

finished audiophile computer speakers

Better parts and speaker drivers

Higher quality cabinet design

Simple Design = Success!

The primary reason for the simplicity is the small single driver speakers.

In most situations only a small satellite speaker and a subwoofer are needed. Some of our readers like them just fine without using a subwoofer.

Don’t want to build your own? Let us build your computer surround sound speakers for you!

Bass levels are satisfying as PC monitors only.

Adequate volume levels can be achieved easily and with very low power as compared to a large stereo or home theater system speakers.

Are you ready to learn how to build simple audiophile computer speakers?

These can be powered with any stereo receiver you currently own. This easy-to-make DIY speaker plan will convince you how well speaker building can work for you.

Try it out, then come back here and tell us how you’re project went!

Easy Steps to This Stereo Speaker Project:

Here are the steps:

1. Use MDF or birch ply plywood in ½ inch thickness

2. Go to the mini cube speakers page to download the plans for free.

3. Cut out the pieces on a table saw, chop saw, or with a power saw and cutting guide.

4. Make the edges cut back at a 45 degree angle.

5. Cut the holes for the drivers and speaker binding posts

6. Assembly the cabinet without-gluing; to be sure all the edges match up well.

7. Trim if necessary

8. Glue the edges

9. Use clamps, or strong rubber bands to press pieces while drying

10. Lightly sand after drying is complete

11. Apply veneer, paint, or just clear coat the finished side of the birch ply (as shown)

12. Solder the speaker internal speaker wires to the driver and the binding posts.

13. Be sure that the cabinet is without leaks. Use silicon if necessary. (mine was sealed fine as is)

14. Mount the speaker drivers (I used the HiVi B3N –a very good driver for the money)

15. Connect to a home theater receiver or other amp. 10 to 100 watts is recommended with the HiVi drivers that I used here. Because of the close listening position you should not need very much amp power.

The total estimated cost for this project is less than $40.00 USD. Have fun with these things; they sound really good. There is more valuable information on the mini cube speakers page –click here.

Making your own Audiophile Computer Speakers is a Fun and Effective Way to Upgrade Your PC Speakers:

These speaker plans make it easy to build your own speakers. The quality and craftsmanship are completely up to you and almost no company profits are added to the price of the product. This means you get a better computer speaker for less money and higher performance thrown in for good measure.

Be sure to check out the setup procedures on the mini cube speakers page.

There is some mild EQ that you may need to do within your PC media player. Making these adjustments is easy from the control panel of your PC audio player.
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