Berkline Home Theater Seating Are They Good Enough?

Looking for a high value Home theater seating solution?

An American company founded in 1928 by Jacob Popkin.273xNxBerkline-recliner.jpg.pagespeed.ic.ucorVe-Gbt

Berkline home theater seating should be on your short list if shopping for home theater chairs.

Why? Because they have been around longer than your grandparents:

Not that this really matters, companies are going out of business everyday but…

Starting out in the furniture business and being around for so long gives you a few advantages.

Advantages such as: factory tooling and market experience of over 90 years.

Berkline home theater furniture company is a large multiple line furniture company with a rich family heritage.

Berkline Grew as a Company During the Great Depression:

It seems interesting considering today’s tough economy, that this brand was started just before the great depression began in 1929.

It was launched under some of the worst financial conditions and survived.

It is fair to mention that this company actually grew during the great depression.

Expanding their company and opening a second location in another state during that time.

And here I thought that no one was buying anything during the great depression.


A Companies Longevity and Will to Survive should matter to consumers:

It means they are likely to be around to service their products and keep the value of your investment higher.

Clearly even during difficult times those entrepreneurs’ like Jacob Popkin found a way to start and grow a business.

I’m not sure how much of Jacob’s drive, motivation, and determination is left after better than 90 years from Berkline’s start. But it seems like a good reason to be interested in buying from a company like this. I hope that Berkline employees appreciate the vision of their founder.

Buying home theater chairs and furniture should be done with people whom you like and trust. Don’t settle for less than a positive experience.


Of course there are other companies that produce good home theater seating. See some of the competitors in the Amazon box to the right.

What do you think about Berkline Home Theater Chairs?

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