The Best Computer Motherboards Should have The Best And Latest Chipsets

I think the best computer motherboards are built by these companies…



• Gigabyte

On top of this; get the most expensive motherboard from one of these manufacturers that you can afford.

Motherboards are priced by their available features and chipsets. The better and faster chipsets are more expensive.

Better motherboards are more expensive because:

Northbridge frequency runs higher and requires larger heat sinks because of increased temperatures.

Southbridge frequency runs higher and requires larger heat sinks because of increased temperatures.

Capacitors and signal paths, higher quality boards often have thicker copper traces, better caps, and higher quality components. These better parts can take more abuse under adverse conditions. Which is better? AMD vs Intel CPU and Intel motherboard combo?

Motherboards are definitely one area where you could just pick the most expensive and know you are getting what you need plus some extra.

Although, as a general rule of thumb spending more than $200.00 dollars on one is probably unnecessary. A $200.00 motherboard should have all the best chip sets and parts you will need. It will also certainly have overclocking functions and other features too. Make sure it is the right socket, has the correct RAM type and can take the processor you wish to use. Also, it needs to fit your case…

best computer motherboards

Graphics Card, built in or External?

Where you can go too far with this is in the area of expansion. Some of the most expensive motherboards may have several PCIe slots for 2.0×16 slots. You may only need one.

The extra slot is for gamers running two, three, or four high powered graphics cards at the same time. This is called “SLI” for Intel processor motherboards and “Crossfire” for AMD processors. You may not have a need for this; if not don’t pay extra for the extra PCIe slot. Get the step down board with only one or two PCIe slots.

What you get with a better motherboard is all the bells and whistles that you don’t think you will need now but may very well need in the future. You might be surprised how handy the toslink digital output will be, or the extra-large heat sinks on the north bridge.


Not everyone wants to overclock but the usefulness of overclocking may surprise you. And having the capability to do so in the future is better than starting all over.

Best Computer Motherboards Summary

It may surprise you to learn that these better motherboards don’t cost any more than the motherboards that will be supplied with a retail computer that you buy off the shelf.

And; they are much better, higher quality units as an added bonus.
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