Not Satisfied with Your PC Speakers? “Get the Best Computer Speakers Here for Less!”

If you are searching for the Best Computer speakers you have probably already run into the problem this article was meant to solve.

finished computer speakers

Computer Speakers usually have several things in common: The First? Low Quality!

1. Most of them are built very cheap and offer very low performance for their asking price.

2. And, the retail prices demanded for these computer audio systems can be obscene -considering their low performance.

Before I wrote this article I found a pair of Bose computer speakers online for $400.00 USD… In my opinion that is just ridiculous!

I don’t mind the idea of paying $400.00 for speakers at all, but not for some cheap computer speaker system like the Bose system.

See our computer surround sound speakers here.

Computer speakers Manufacturers don’t offer enough information about the product

Such as: Where are the measurements?

Sometimes there are just too many variables to make a good decision.

Why is the performance of Most Computer Audio Systems so poor?

finished computer speakers

• The typical computer speaker enclosures are usually made of cheap plastic.

• The inexpensive speaker drivers are usually very low performance units.

I have a different approach to computer speaker systems with low cost and high performance goals as the primary objectives.

This can easily be done and you won’t believe the performance out of this inexpensive little system.

The picture above is the mini cube speaker that can also be finished in gloss black or i-pod white to match your computer.

Do yourself a favor and build a better computer speaker system.

This is a super easy project and the rewards are only 4 hours away. If you don’t wish to build your own DIY computer speakers get a set of small surround sound speakers.

The cost of this project is about $40.00 USD if you have the necessary tools. Slightly more if you have a cabinet shop make your cuts.

How to Provide Power to your Computer Speakers

Power the best computer speakers with an old home theater receiver that you may already own. Or, buy a used receiver from

These used receivers can be picked up for as little as $100.00 USD on
or videogon.

Used cables typically will be sold used for about half of their new retail prices – often even less than half.

The receiver can also provide the full surround sound experience from your computer and also has sub-woofer outputs.

This makes it very easy to integrate a full surround system from your computer for gaming and movies. This is a multi-purpose system and multi-purpose speakers.
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