Best Floorstanding Speakers? The Instrument 2 Hi Fi Home Audio System

The Instrument 2 speaker system


instrument 2 hi fi stereo speakers

These are some of the best floorstanding speakers we have tested from any manufacturer… If you are in the market to buy home speakers, home theater speakers, or stereo speakers now is the time to test out these incredibly musical behemoths’.

I say ‘test out’, because EbenLee Audio offers a 90 day return policy. So this gives you ample time to use them in your own listening room to see what they can really do.

Do other brands stand behind their product like this? Not likely, but EbenLee Audio does because we have nothing to hide.

You will not need any amplifiers with these speakers

You will not be comparing this speaker to other $18k speakers. You compare these to both the speaker and the amplifier for $18k. Most hi end enthusiasts would mate an 18k speaker with an amp that was at least $5000.00US. Here the cost of the amps are built into the speaker. This means that you would have to compare this speaker to an $18,000.00 amp and speaker combination.

Compare the Instrument II speakers to the best Martin Logan speakers, Revel Speakers, or any other high end brands. They will certainly hold their own if not outright beat ‘them’ at their own game, and do so at a much lower price.

Quite the extraordinary transducer, this speaker system is fantastic for both high end music and home theater installations.

The Instrument II is quite large; 52 inches tall with spikes, 12 inches wide, and sweeping back to nearly 36 inches deep they are certainly not a small speaker. As it turns out, mass is the friend of a good speaker system.

When you combine a large number of raw materials – high mass is the net result. It’s just a matter of physics, to get the panel stiffness that is necessary for a high performance speaker it takes a large number of braces, and very thick layered baffle walls.

Lots of braces, plus thick cabinet walls, huge baffles, and complex inner structures equals heavy weight, there’s just no way around it. But the performance advantages that this type of enclosure nets is huge.

instrument 2 stereo system speakers, best floorstanding speakers

Here’s a challenge for you, can you find a speaker this heavy for twice the price? Can you find a speaker that sounds this good for twice the price? Maybe, but I’ll bet not by much even then…

Tipping the scales at over 400lbs per speaker, utilizing large TC sounds subwoofer drivers, completely active crossover stages, as well as DSP for nearly perfect room integration, the Instrument II is force to be reckoned with.

“I’ve had a set of Instrument II’s in my listening room for several years now; they’ve been compared to many speakers priced much, much higher and always perform well against the others.” is what one owner said… and this was before we redesigned them to an even higher standard.

I invite you to do the same, test them against the comptetition…

The Instrument II (two) stereo speakers come with a 90 day (no questions asked) money back guarantee.

best stereo speakers

This guarantee is twice as long as other brands. Most speaker brands the Instrument 2’s compete with don’t have a return policy at all. This is how sure EbenLee Audio is of the superiority of the Instrument II stereo speakers.

Updated Drivers:

Usher 8945P midrange driver, Scan Speak Discovery R2604/8330 Tweeter Dual Ring Radiator, TC Sounds low frequency driver operates below 80Hz.

The sound this speaker produces is both highly satisfying musically and also will play loud enough to easily move you during complex movie passages. Goose bumps? That’s easy…

Order the best floorstanding speakers with Active crossover and built in amplifiers

The entire speaker is powered by a DSP controlled 3 channel amplifier. There are 1000 watts for the subwoofer, 500 watts for the midrange driver, and 500 watts for the tweeter in each speaker.

Room correction can be setup with the aid of a PC is all done within the DSP controlled amplifier modules.

best home theatre surround sound systems

Speaker and driver correction filters are performed on each production unit before shipping.

You only need a source component like a CD player or DVD player, and either a surround sound processor or stereo preamp.

That’s it… No power amplifiers are needed. Go see these speakers on the official EbenLee Audio site now!

Each tower houses its own set of sealed sub-woofers able to reach into the high teens at over 110db. (Below 20Hz)

This speaker offers the “mother lode of performance” for High End Stereo or home theatre surround sound systems.

If you don’t agree return them for a full refund (you only pay the return shipping charges).


best home theatre speakers


      • Compare to speaker that cost over $25,000.00 USD
      • Unbelievably musical for the price
      • High impact presentation with feel it in your chest slam and rhythm
      • Easily brings the live event into your own listening room like only the best floorstanding speakers in the world can
      • Helps your family enjoy music more fully
      • Brings a level of quality to your recordings you haven’t heard before

• Gets you back into music and away from scrutinizing over gear
• These speakers are all about presentation, beautiful sound, and accuracy without sounding the least bit analytical or sterile.
• These speakers can work with nearly any room size and dimensions
• They are fully adjustable, no more complaining about speakers that sound too bright or too fat in your room.


      • Highly resolved stereo imaging due to the inert cabinet construction
      • Pitch definition competitive with speakers in the $50k + range
      • Accuracy – smooth frequency response that can be tailored to both your tastes and room

A Great Resource


Another article that fully supports EbenLee Audio theories about speaker enclosures, this is an outside source published by Audioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.

• Delicate upper octave energy and treble detail
• Highly resolving of recorded detail
• Baltic birch ply cabinets cut entirely by CNC (computer controlled machinery) for high precision
• Minimum 2.25 thick cabinet walls
• Braced every 2.5 inches minimum (gaps between braces no more than 2.5” apart)
• Front baffle 4.2 inches thick
• Minimum standing wave cabinet design
• Minimum phase error crossover design
Weight: 426lbs each


best floorstanding speakers

Contact Us below should you have any questions

Regular Retail Price: $23999.00 USD per pair

Online Only Price of $17900.00 USD per pair – Get the Best floorstanding Speakers Now

…and start enjoying your music again. Finally, you can forget about the gear.

When you click the yellow button you will be taken to a secure Paypal checkout page. Totally secure shopping cart…

Just pick your options and color with the ‘drop-down’ menus.

Remember, you have nothing to lose with our 90 day risk free trial! Get the best floorstanding speakers now for this low online price!

The cart will hold your items while you look around also. Just add your items to the cart, then pay when you are ready.

There will be a service fee of $500.00 for cancelled orders after 7 calendar days (as production would have already begun).

Free Shipping for Continental US Customers
90 day money back guarantee for Everyone!

Allow 7-8 weeks for delivery in Continental US, longer for outside US, contact us on form below for shipping rates outside US. US shipping is included in the price – Free Shipping USA customers!

Fully active version! No crossovers or amplifiers needed.

These speaker are built to order for each unique customer. Most customers usually want their own specific color, we can color match about any paint you want; such as Ferrari yellow, Maserati superior black, etc. Go see these speakers on the official EbenLee Audio site now!

Red colors and and metallic colors may be a $600.00 – $1000.00 up-charge. But most other colors are included in the price.

EbenLee audio speakers and design surround sound speakers

designed and assembled in the USA


Industry leading, 90 day Risk Free Guarantee!!!

EbenLee Audio
Attn: Peter Selby
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phone: 937-7334579

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