The MC2b (Mini Cube2b speakers) Quite possibly the Best Home Audio Speaker at this price point

This may be the best home audio speaker you can get without spending over $1000.00 per pair. This is a great speaker at a totally reasonable price.

These speakers work perfect if you:
best home audio speaker

1. own a receiver?

2. own a good home sub woofer?
or planning to get one?

Then you have all you need to build a state of the art sound system on this overbuilt-yet-affordable speaker system.

EbenLee Audio took the original Mini Cube speaker and made it even better. Better bass definition, low diffraction cabinet, Baltic birch ply enclosures, and zero crossover design.

All this combines to make a speaker that is ready to be installed in your system at a very low price point while offering astounding performance. Setup your receiver’s room correction and you’re ready to enjoy a totally new and exciting experience. (No distortion inducing passive crossover parts in the signal path)

Your receiver (if capable of room correction or “room EQ”) is already built to take advantage of how this speaker was designed. It uses the line level crossover already present in your receiver, combined with a good subwoofer to make beautiful music and your movies come to life.

The results are incredible. Find out why EbenLee Audio offers some of the best home theater systems and home entertainment speakers ever made.


Industry Leading 90 day money back
no questions asked Guarantee

That’s no joke. No other speaker manufacturer in the industry can boast a guarantee like that. You buy them, try them, and if you don’t like them, get your money back. (less than 3% of our sales result in returns) Go to; EbenLee Audio site click here!

This guarantee is good from the date you receive the speakers, not the date you order them as some companies do.

The only thing you could possibly lose is the return shipping, which is very minimal.

This speaker must be used with a 4ohm stable receiver. It also needs a very powerful amplifier section. For best results use at least 80 watts per channel receiver that is also able to drive 4ohm speakers.



Features of the “Mini” surround sound speakers

• 100% CNC milled Baltic birch ply enclosures

• Layered cabinet type build. (think; Magico Mini or M5) Not a box, the cabinet is built up of layers from front to back. Very rigid and robust. Expensive? Yes… but the extremely robust speaker cabinet this creates is worth the extra costs. (see CAD drawing showing stacked panels)

• Continuous baffle

• Cylinder inner cavity

• No parallel walls (each layer is cut at an angle, so the walls are not parallel either)

• Cabinet does not support standing waves

• Sealed cabinet construction for best pitch definition


A Great Resource

Another article that supports our theory, this is an outside source published by Audioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.


Specifications of the Mini Cube Speakers:


• Power handling: 50 watts – 250 watts

• Sensitivity: 85db

• Dimensions: 5.5W x 9.5H x 6.25D

• Frequency response: 80Hz to 25,000Hz (+/-2.5db measured in room if using room correction of any modern receiver)



Free shipping to US customers!
30$ shipping credit for International customers!


We’re so sure you will love these EbenLee Audio speakers
we pay the shipping charges to get them to you.

Mini cube speakers MC2 in oak finish

Mini Cube2 speakers in cherry vinyl finish

Mini Cube2 speakers in silver vinyl

best stereo speaker in black oak vinyl

Get the MC2b speakers now

EbenLee audio speakers and design surround sound speakers
designed and assembled in the USA 

Industry leading, 90 day Risk Free Guarantee!!!

EbenLee Audio website; click here!
Attn: Peter Selby
806 East Ave Eaton Ohio 45320
phone: 937-416-0373


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Nothing about this book shelf speaker is second rate. Compare to Bose or other mass market speakers of any price and configuration or to any other small speaker where small size and ultra-high performance is of utmost importance.

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