Our Readers Best Home Theater Systems and Stereo Speakers Systems

The best Home Theater systems come in all shapes and sizes. Show us your project! Have an awesome stereo speakers systems
? This is where you can post comments and suggestions, but most importantly you can post your own Best Home Theater Systems and Home Stereo Speakers Systems for the rest of us to enjoy. You can even post pictures of your project for everyone on the internet to see.

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Reader Comments and Their Systems

• “I would like to nominate the Meridian DSP 5000 speaker system. Though not quite as big or bad as the big brother DSP 8000 it is a great speaker. I bought these because keeping everything in the digital domain until the very last stage made sense to me. ” A great speaker in some of the best home theater systems…

• I thought that I should share my two way monitor with your readers.”I built a bookshelf speaker using this Dayton audio speaker box from parts express. If some of your readers try this project they should know that the cabinet will need some additional internal bracing but otherwise it looks pretty good. ”

• Acourate and Console Software by Phil Hilebrand (New Jersey) “This is a room correction software that allows me to fine tune my room.”

• Using the 18 sound 6 in Pro driver.

      This is a great midrange driver recommended by Josh from Boulder CO. “I recommend the 18 Sound 6ND430-16 or also the 8 ohm driver. Both of these drivers have very clean response, low distortion and are built to handle lots of loud abuse.”

• A readers Active Digital Speaker Crossover Project

      I tried my first speaker building project about two years ago. It was a simple speaker that used a Dayton Audio speaker kit from Parts Express. The speaker was fairly easy to put together. I think the most difficult part was cutting the hole for the speaker drivers. It used the passive crossover components that came with the kit. All in all, I was very happy with these speakers. I still own them in fact.

• Buyer Review of the Instrument 1 loud speaker system

      . I ordered your Instrument 1 speaker plans primarily because I thought 15.00 was a pretty reasonable price for something that looks so cool. The building process was pretty easy and I was excited to hear them when they were finally finished. All I really have to say is WOW… musical and makes my system sound like one of the best home theater systems I have ever heard!

• Why speaker weight influences the loud speaker performance.

      by John Marker (Fort Wayne IN. US) I never thought of how a speaker systems light weight could penalize the overall speaker performance. But this makes a lot of sense.

• Using the Mini cube Speakers for computer speakers.

      “I built the mini cube speakers for my office PC. This was a fun project. Initally I tried to cut the pieces out with my chop saw (miter box) as you did in the photo. But I couldn’t get the sides to square so I ended up using a table saw instead.”

• Theta Casablanca Preamplifier processor review from owner.

      “I have owned the Theta CasaBlanca Pre/Pro for nearly 5 years. In that time it has seen several upgrades and has served me willingly and admirably. The sound quality is as good as it gets in my opinion. Of course the price is commensurate with the quality.”

• How to build a super Cheap Interconnect Cable

      ; a readers cable recipe.

• Digital filtering makes too much sense in our digital age. We even ‘hear’ digitally…

• Comment for from our web site building page.

      How to build a website correct the first time… Do not use a web hosting program but a site building resource…

• Instrument 1 review response Comment response…

      Phil, I’m glad you are enjoying the speakers. They really are high performance floor standing speakers for the price.

• Building a Home Theater Helps site

      -this site has been a big help to me…

• Thanks for the help with My Digital Crossover

      -it really was pretty easy to set up when I had the right equipment… “It took me forever to finally find a site that helped me work through this project. I feel I have a good understanding now if I have any updates or problems with my digital crossover system. My next step is to install some big hard drives into my other computer and build the HTPC as well.”

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