Best Price LCD TV – How to compare LCD TV sets to one another

You Need a new HDTV! Not sure what to get or where to look?

When shopping for the Best Price LCD TV you may be tempted to shop on price alone.LG 55LH90

This could be a mistake for the following reasons…

1. Without performing your due diligence your shopping experience could be one that nets you a money losing experience.

2. Some of the lesser known brands may be cheaper but they also tend to be less reliable.

How much money will you save if that LCD is broken in two years?

3. A good LCD TV will provide many years of trouble free use.

If you are looking for reliable HDTV LCD sets just skip to the bottom and see our recommendations.

How to save Money on LED HDTV sets:

Best Price LCD TV and the Newest Technology can be a benefit…

The savings are small; less than $20 per year will be realized by using a new LED TV.

This is not a large number by any stretch, but over 5 years that is $100.

It all adds up. But LED lights also tend to last longer and be more reliable than fluorescent HDTVs.

How much more expensive is an LED TV of comparable quality to Fluorescent type?

Performance needs to be considered first

The black levels on LED’s are typically better, so you are receiving higher performance for those dollars.

The contrast ratios are usually better also, meaning one more stinger against the plain LCD.

LCD and LED are not necessarily different though.

An LED set is basically just an LCD with LED back-lighting used instead of a CCFL fluorescent light (behind the screen).

LED is a better light, a whiter light and doesn’t have that glow associated with CCFL fluorescent back lighting systems.

The main areas of improvement is color, black levels, and contrast ratios.

The best Price LCD TV is a difficult thing to measure. Sure, you can get a set that is cheap but cheap compared to what?

And some of the LCD sets for cheap are not worth investing your hard earned dollars into.

Part of getting a good value is getting a set that IS a “good value”.

Try to buy an HDTV that is competitive with its peers and will last for at least 5 to 10 years or even longer.

You want a good reliable LCD HDTV set from a solid manufacturing company.

It is usually worth it to spend a few hundred dollars more to get the reliability and performance that you deserve.

Some of the top companies in reliability are Sony, Sharp, Toshiba, and Samsung.

Buying an off brand can save you a few bucks but generally you will get what you pay for.

Features – pick what you need. Plus add features you MAY need later:

One way that many manufacturers cut costs is in their feature set. This may or may not be a factor for you and your HDTV setup. The Best Price LCD TV often have limited feature sets.

The number of inputs and outputs can limit your connection options and therefore have another effect on the quality of your HDTV experience.

Make sure the inexpensive TV you are considering has all the hook ups and connections that you will need.

A list of LED LCDTV sets and how they use Lighting:

Edge-Lit LED Televisions

Sony ZX1

Samsung Series B6000, B7000, B7100 & B8000

Back-Lit LED Televisions

Sony Bravia X4500

Sharp Aquos LE600 and LE700

Samsung Series B8500

Toshiba SV670U

Ready to Buy the Best Price LCD TV?

Buying an LCD HDTV can be a mind numbing experience mainly because there really is not an industry standard for many of the measurements that these companies claim. You may see contrast ratios in the millions: 1 and another company may have a nicer picture with much lower numbers.

Contrast ratio is typically used as marketing gimmicks so don’t pay too much attention to them when published by the TV manufacturer.

Highly rated HDTV sets:

Samsung LN46B750 46-Inch 1080p 240 Hz

Here are my picks – Highest Quality sets at Top Moving Down to Budget sets at the Bottom:

Samsung UN55B8500 $4000: – sets the bar high for all HDTV sets to beat. The buck stops here. Awesome everything! The big Samsung has local dimming on the LED’s and incredible color. Phenomenal HDTV set! (Not cheap!)

LG 55LH90 around $1800 online:This set is much less expensive than the Samsung UN55B8500 model and it is nearly as good. This LG is very tough to beat at the price point. I have heard that this model has been recently discontinued so if you can find a set you better get one quick.

Samsung UN46B8000 $2000 online: (Amazon) offer incredible black levels and performance.

Samsung LN46B750 $1350 online: (Amazon) This set is not an LED but you may be hard pressed to notice. This is a great conventional back-lit model and worth every penny.

Samsung LN40B650 $1000 online and is a good value set that outperforms most sets in this price range. This little Samsung is very hard to beat at this price.

LG 37LH30 $700-$750 online: This budget 37 inch HDTV does not have a perfect picture due to uneven screen brightness and black levels but performs very well within its price constraints.

Vizio VO320E $500 online: 32 inch budget display is a great set with good overall picture quality.

Vizio VA19L around $200: 19 inch budget display has a great image and would work well for a kitchen, bedroom, or patio set.

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