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stereo speakers Instrument 7 with sub woofer

The Instrument Seven Stereo System is a ‘tour de force’ of technology and craftsmanship.

A beautiful and totally active speaker system…

The best stereo speakers are a result of thousands of hours of development time, hundreds of hours of CAD work, and hundreds of listening hours to make sure these are the best speakers your ears have ever heard.

The speaker cabinets are built using our unique and proprietary speaker enclosure design with robust bracing schemes and use of heavy and very costly materials and building methods.

We use the highest quality parts on the market within these enclosures.

What kind of parts? Scan Speak drivers for the upper bass, midrange, and tweeters.

Proprietary concrete/resin molded baffles.

Machined and stacked Baltic birch ply cabinets with constrained layer concrete anti standing waveguides.

In fact the entire enclosure system is machined on CNC.

Unlike most other speaker system on the market; You can buy the ‘speaker plans’ alone, or get the complete and finished speakers built to your specification. We offer several options to suit your system needs.

Active or digital crossovers are the only crossover options. No passive crossover units are offered.

The subwoofer

The subwoofer box design is something special and offers unparalleled performance of the best floorstanding speakers. No parallel internal walls. All walls at least 2.25” thick.
Radial chambers with chamfers and radius’s on all front hard edges within the enclosures.

The Instrument Seven uses two (2) 1000 watt sub woofer amplifier modules per cabinet.

That’s 1000 watts per sub woofer driver. There are two sub drivers per cabinet and two amplifiers, so that’s 2000 watts per side, or 4000 watts just for the sub-woofers in this stereo system. It may not be the biggest subwoofer in the world, but is more than capable to charge a very large room with high energy and very musical bass impact.

The subwoofers are capable of 120db (each) of output with the available power. Do watts matter? For bass they do… the subwoofer amplifiers are included as part of the system regardless of the configuration you choose.

The subwoofers also have their own DSP section that can be adjusted with a PC. We do this at setup, or you can perform this task yourself if you wish. What this means is full digital signal processing EQ power, convenience, and full adjustment for the bass.

Options for the Instrument Seven Speaker System

Choose a speaker crossover system

      • DEQX crossover of your choice


        o Basic or


        o Reference models


• Marchand active crossover unit of your choice

      o This is an analog active crossover unit for those needing to stay in the analog domain


      o (LP record users and analog lovers)


• Digmoda Amplifier modules with built in DSP

      o Built in amplifier modules


      o Run cable straight from your preamp or surround processor to the speakers


      o Eliminates the need for external amplifiers completely


      o High quality DSP solution that is calibrated with the use of measurement tools and PC in your own listening room.


      o A total of 6500 watts available in a stereo pair of speakers


*US customers only for in home calibration.

• Add your choice of amplifiers or purchase our preferred models

A phenomenally overbuilt speaker cabinet


home sub woofer 2000 watt

We use a massive bracing system that not only makes the cabinet rigid but also rids internal sound waves from the rear of the driver cones and resonance at every level.

There are no parallel walls… No modes of resonance in the chamber… simply pure unadulterated music performed live in your room.

The weight of this system is over 700lbs per speaker. And with high fidelity speakers, mass is a very good thing…

A combination of Baltic birch ply and concrete/resin these speakers launch notes from a baffle that is harder than aluminum but the cabinet also damps better than aluminum enclosures.

The baffle and anti-standing wave inserts are a proprietary blend of Concrete and Resin blend unique to the best stereo speakers from EbenLee Audio.


A Great Resource

Another article that supports our theory, this is an outside source published by Audioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.

The combination of extremely hard and strong materials used with high damping materials such as Baltic birch in constrained layers is the perfect combination to keep resonance below the audible range.

There are concrete/resin anti-standing wave inserts in the chambers that reflect sound at differing angles back into the acoustic damping and Baltic birch ply walls. Multiple chambers are used to damp resonance, all tuned to eliminate distortion and within the pass band of the speaker drivers.

Is any other manufacturer building a speaker system like this? No.

Each speaker takes over 200 hours to create. That’s 400 hours per pair. When you figure the labor and expenses to build them, the price doesn’t seem quite so awful. We realize 40k+ is a lot of money for a stereo system. However…

The combination of extremely hard and heavy baffles, plus the better acoustic damping properties of Baltic birch ply and concrete anti standing wave inserts offers a better enclosure than the popular aluminum cabinet models on the market.

Molding concrete for the baffles is a costly and time consuming process.

But the added mass and rigidity of the baffle is the perfect complement to launch musical notes and the delicate signal.

Sure, we could have machined out of aluminum like others high end companies are doing, but aluminum doesn’t work as well as this combination of constrained layer concrete resin and Baltic birch ply panels. These are some of the finest and best home speakers available.

For this speaker system, we do an in home installation including full calibration of your speakers to your specific room (US customers only)

International customers get free shipping included in the price, but must set up their own speakers.

Plans and Pricing Schedule for the Instrument Seven


Instrument 7 speaker plans regular price for DIY bluprint plans $899.00

Warning: you must be an experienced cabinet builder to build these speakers!

Instrument Seven Blueprints
Allow 1-2 bus day for delivery

Solution Graphics

EbenLee audio speakers and design surround sound speakers
designed and assembled in the USA

EbenLee Audio
Attn: Peter Selby
7531 Pelway Dr Eaton Ohio
phone: 937-733-7579
Manufacturer key to produce plans or portion of plans $19900.00 use “use the contact us form below for wire transfer information”

Finished Instrument Seven Stereo Systems Pricing and options

This product is not yet available. This is preliminary pricing only for the Instrument Seven (best stereo speakers page).

Read carefully as some options do not need any additional amplification to operate. Simply run signal cable from your preamp to the speakers and you are making music with some of the best stereo speakers available.

1. Complete Instrument 7 Speaker without crossover (includes Digmoda powered subwoofer)

Estimated Price: $43,000.00 by wire transfer (need 3 additional channels of amplification and 3 channels of crossovers per speaker = 6 channels total)

2. Complete Instrument 7 Speaker with DEQX HDP-3 (including digital and balanced modules) crossover and Digmoda DSP subwoofer Amp

Estimated Price: $52,000.00 by wire transfer (need 3 channels of amplifiers per speaker = 6 channels total)

3. Complete Instrument 7 Speaker with Marchand Analog Active Crossovers and Digmoda DSP subwoofer amplifier.

Estimated Price $47,000.00 by wire transfer (need 3 channels of amplification per speaker = 6 channels total)

4. Complete Instrument 7 Speaker with Digmoda amplifiers and DSP and external amplifier enclosure (no other amplifiers needed)

Estimated Price: $51,000.00 by wire transfer

This is our signature product. Fully active including everything you need except your preamp and source component. An unbelievable system and competitive against much higher price speakers. (includes crossovers, amps, and DSP)


Option #4 needs no additional amplifiers; as all DSP and amplification are included inside sealed chambers within the speaker cabinet. Option #4 is a digital and fully active speaker requiring no amplifiers to operate.

Custom Finishes, veneer and color options

Natural Cherry wood finish no charge. This finish has Cherry sides and end grain finished Baltic Birch Ply front, sides and top.

Paint colors a small up-charge of $2000-$4000.00 USD depending on finish

Other wood finishes (contact us)

Contact us for questions or to order.
*Special order only for color, finish, and configuration options.
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