Is this the Best Surround Sound System for Your Money?

My wife Rachel had been asking for a nice set of speakers to use in the living room

Building the best surround sound system for my wife wasn’t really my plan. I just wanted to put together a decent speaker that would work for background music.


But in the end, I got a little carried away with the design process…

I had an extra home theater receiver sitting in storage and figured I could make something pretty easily for her using it.

Rachel initially thought that something small like a Bose home theater system (type) of speaker would be fine. She knew better than to get Bose, but liked the general size of some of their designs.

So, that was the goal…

I wanted to make a small, but better performing speaker than Bose offered

A lot of thought went into the design; although they are incredibly simple I wanted them to sound good and did not want to spend much money on parts and materials.

The speakers turned out really good… I mean, I was surprised by how musical they were.

So I had a thought;

If speakers could be this good with pretty cheap parts, how good could I make them if I went all out on the design and parts quality?

So, I chose low distortion and expensive speaker drivers.

Then I worked on making the speaker cabinet inert and resistance to cabinet resonance.

The cabinet took some time before finally settling on a complex layered cabinet that uses a round inner chamber.

There are no flat walls inside the cabinet accept for the back wall where the binding posts attach. Deep grooves are cut into the walls of the inner chamber resulting in what looks like an accordion of wood on the inside.

It’s extremely well damped, dead, and controls the back wave of the speaker driver very well.

Try the knuckle rap test on it… your knuckles cracking against the surface will be the only sound heard.

This speaker box cabinet is incredible

It may not be easy to build; but it was worth the extra design effort as the musical presentation was just awesome.

John Stefan entered the picture;

John is an old friend of mine.

He was visiting one day when I had just finished building the prototypes of the revised Mini Cube Speakers design.

They had been breaking in by playing music for the last couple of days.

He pulled up a Dave Matthews album and let them rip…

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “These were some of the better or even the best home theatre speakers to ever grace my listening room.”

And apparently an idea started to form in his mind…

John loves working with wood and loves business.

Our conversation went a bit like this

(John) “you should build these and sell them on your website. If word would get out about these they would sell like hotcakes.”

I said; “because I don’t want to build them. I don’t want to be in production making one type of speaker over and over again”… (I do mostly custom speaker systems)

(John) “Then, let me build them!”…

At first I thought he was joking, but…

…here we are.

So John started building these awesome little surround sound speakers and…

It turned into a business. The best surround sound system using the Mini Cube Speakers was an overnight success!

Can the best surround sound system make you hear better?

Well, probably not… but you may hear what you have been missing.

These speakers will show that ~

You can hear the lost information on that music file or DVD

Hear more instrument sounds and hear the fine nuances of what make music so enjoyable. Get it all back.

Face it; your old speakers aren’t getting it done.

Most speakers mask detail and musical cues more than any other component in the playback chain.

Why? Because speakers have more electrical problems than all of your electronic components put together.

These speakers will help you build the best surround sound system for your budget

These speakers offer;


Form follows function design

Excellent craftsmanship

Imaging is amazing!

Huge sound-stage

Movie lovers

The best surround sound system can help you relax.

Feel better.

You’ll fall in love with your movie collection all over again. Going back through the old movies is a blast when you hear all the newfound information and detail on the discs. Sometimes, it’s like watching an entirely different film.

Emotionally involving

Got Music?

An almost unbelievable musical presentation is served up on a silver platter for you to hear.

High sound quality is something the best home theater system can easily give you.

You may think that you need larger speakers than this.

But really, you want…

A speaker that can be used with your existing equipment

Easy to set up and use

Does not need hundreds of watt of power

Is small

Easily blends into your existing décor’

Looks unique

You won’t have to be a ‘me too’ home theater person with a ‘me too’ product…

Very well built

Quality matters to you, admit it!

Very musical

Get engaged in your entertainment quickly and easily. Entertain friends and family and give them the best you can afford.

Can handle the high dynamics of movie content

Easily plays very loud and dynamic

Won’t struggle to play complex passages during a DVD

Plenty of spouse acceptance factor


Attractive speakers for a very attractive price!

Keep you and your spouse happy; get better performance in a less noticeable package.

Can deliver a full orchestral presentation with the help of a subwoofer. Get it all, even with small size. Dynamic, clean, and articulate.

Low distortion and high dynamics equals a more involving and exciting entertainment evening at home.

Plays with authority and drive. Impress your family and friends with your music collection.

And, if that’s not enough…

Need better sound from your home theater system

Tired of your old tired speakers?

Go get your new Mini Cube Speakers system now at… Final stop for the best home theater systems!


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