How to get better performance out of the Best Computer Speakers

Need the best computer speakers?

Here’s some advice. Don’t bother shopping at the big box store.

These speaker systems are made with such cheap parts that they should not be expected to deliver high performance.

And they don’t… They can’t.

They are usually made out of thin plastic or at best some very cheap pressed wood. The speaker drivers are basically junk and the receiver sections, amps; all of it is designed to do one thing…

Build maximum profit for the company spewing these things out. I’m sorry! If I ruffle a few feathers by calling a kettle black so be it.

With one exception; if what you want is a cheap, small, crappy system to get you by for a few years then the HTiB is a huge success.

Just don’t be naïve and think that these things offer any credible value or real performance. They offer small boxes that spit out sound and they do it while costing much more than they have any right to. That’s as much credit as I will give them.

best computer speakers

I say; if a person is on a budget, then they should be looking into DIY. Yes, do-it-yourself speaker building! It is much easier than you think.

And definitely easy to obtain the results you will receive with a home theatre surround sound systems that has been designed around the HTiB mantra.
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