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Looking for great speakers? Find out why EbenLee Audio offers some of the best home theater systems and home entertainment speakers ever built.

Updated 02/10/2012: EbenLee Audio is now using high quality Automotive paint on our high end model speaker boxes.

Auto paint is very durable but very expensive. This replaces the Lacquer finish we used previously.

EbenLee Audio Products

~ proudly designed and built in the USA ~

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MC5b high end audio speakers           Instrument two best floorstanding speakers

Instrument Seven best stereo speakers           Reference 12 Subwoofer

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EbenLee Audio
Attn: Peter Selby
806 East Ave Eaton Ohio 45320
phone: 937-416-0373

A Great Resource about speaker box construction

Another article that supports our theory, this is an outside source published by Audioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.

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Need more information? Completely finished surround sound speakers... Now on Sale!

Updated 8/03/2011: We've dramatically improved the box structure of these speakers

We now use Birch Ply enclosures on all Mini Cubes and subwoofers! This is a significant upgrade to the old MDF enclosure model. Our price has gone up slightly as a result, but performance is well worth the extra investment. There is nothing else on the market built like these speakers at even 3 times the price. The sound is incredible.

Get better audio from your DVD's and Blu Ray movies

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Compatible with all high resolution movie formats like Dolby True HD and DTS HD.

Speaker size: 4.75 inches by 4.75 inches (Mini Cube or MC)

- capable of over 110 decibels SPL

- Excellent measured response.

Products on this page:

- The absolute best speakers (complete surround sound speaker sets)

- Patented speaker cable plans (complete plans for building audiophile cables)

- Home Theater PC (HTPC) links to home theater computers that can be custom built for your theater.

- An Audio shelf system that beats all! Read more about them here.

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Could these be part of the best home theater systems? Quite possibly for the price.

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12 Guage speakers wire

AMD VS Intel CPU for your Home theater computer (HTPC)

Surround sound system review - Measurements page for the Mini cube speakers


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EbenLee Audio Instrument Seven Stereo Speakers

EbenLee Audio Mini Cube2 SE speakers

Customer Testimonials:

"Peter, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say how impressed I am with these speakers. They are EXACTLY what I was looking for..very very small with big sound.

My wife loves them as well. They look great, and you hardly notice them at all sitting on the shelf. They integrate perfectly as surrounds. I have them crossed over at 150 as you recommended...simply fantastic. I only have about 15 hours on them so far, so I know they will only get better. You really have something here. Kelly ~ Montana USA

"Recently I came to realize that my HDTV was better than my audio system... So, I decided to piece together a better sound system... Running across your site (and these speakers) was the best thing that has happened to my home theater.

My current system is; an older receiver, a home theater PC with a blue-ray player drive, and one pair of your Mini-Cubes. (for now; I plan to buy 3 more speakers soon)" Kevin US IP#

"I ordered these speakers in the hope of bringing some life to my entertainment system... I didn’t think it would bring sound to the entire house.

These speakers not only fill my den with crystal clear sound, but can radiate music throughout the main floor of my home. Thanks for such a great product!" Celia US IP#

"After getting my system set up as you recommended, I realize I now need a better TV! These surround sound speakers are amazing! After running them in for a couple days, I decided to play some tunes, and they never once sounded distorted or strained...

While I know they should be paired with a good sub-woofer bass system, I think they sound good enough that I can wait until I have the money to buy a really nice sub." Fred US IP#

"Purchasing a new set of surround sound speakers was a must for me. My old system looked awful and sounded even worse. The quality and look of your Mini-Cube speaker were a perfect fit.

Once I reviewed the ratings and tests I knew they would be perfect. I will be sure to look for more information and products from you. I can't believe the performance of these surround sound speakers for the modest price. I would recommend these speakers to anyone! Awesome little surround sound speakers." Mike US IP#

I found these speakers by accident and after reading all the available info and after several emails back and forth with the company owner I decided I had nothing to lose, so I ordered a set of 5 mini cube speakers.

Peter was very helpful and patient and always responded to my emails within hours.

I have had the speakers set up for a couple of days and they sound great; they are everything described on the web site.

The sound from these small speakers truly is awesome.

I replaced a set of very high quality but also very large speakers and have not been disappointed... and the wife loves not having four large speakers in the living room.

The sound from these speakers really does fill the entire house, I was concerned about the small size of the speakers due to the fact I like to listen to music and movies at volumes most would consider loud.

These speakers are more than capable of playing at volume levels louder than I ever need while also maintaining very high quality sound. ~by; William (Corinth,TX)

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