Are you trying to find the Best Home Theater Speakers for your budget?

Need an easy way to determine if the best home theater speakers you want will satisfy long term?

Good Speakers have these qualities:

Musical on many types of music (meaning they engage you with an accurate presentation)

Imaging is accurate and easy to place instruments.

Front to back layering of the sound-stage that gives a sense of depth.

Dynamic and play transients sharply. (like explosions and gunshots) Also, should play drums and percussion on music well.

Voices should sound ‘life-like’ and realistic.

There are several ways you can shop for the best Home Theater Speakers systems and theater equipment

Below is a picture of my first all digital music system. These are some of the best home theater speakers I have had in my listening room.

This is also the prototype for the Instrument 2 loudspeaker on “Purchase Direct” page in the sidebar. The updated version has been improved from the original prototype with both new cabinet design and new drivers.

Read the full review of the Instrument 2 loudspeaker system here.

DSP with the use of a Computer

All audio was processed through the home theater computer or HTPC behind the TV monitor, including the audio from an external blue-ray player (bottom shelf).

The speakers weigh 430 lb each. The side firing sub drivers are powered by 450 watts per side. Each mid and tweeter are fed 180 watts each.

diy stereo speakers picture - luxury speakers

Total system watts available is 1620. The sound of this system is never harsh, extremely smooth and believable that the performers are right in front of you.

This is possible because of digital EQ and room correction- home theater acoustics. The best home theater speakers in the world can produce bass to below 20hz in room. This speaker system does this easily with no roll off until 17Hz.

The capabilities of the bass give you a very strong sensation of the acoustic space in which the performance took place. This is due in large part to the room and speaker correction done by the computer.

You would think that speakers this large would not image very well. Imaging is actually incredible, not just very good. (think Avalon, if you have heard them)

The only area that this speaker system gives up some ground would be in transparency as compared to a good planar speaker like a Magnepan system or the Instrument 3. See the Purchase Direct – digital audio speakers page for a description of the Instrument 3. Or read the full review about this best home theater speakers system here.

As far as dynamic driver speakers though, I have heard some of the best home theater speakers and stereo speakers in the world such as: Avalon Opus , Avalon Eidelon, Thiel 7.2, Sonus Faber Cremona, and B&W 800 diamond.

I would be very comfortable with a direct comparison to any of these speaker brands regardless of the model chosen.

Click here to read the principles of how this

this speaker system was designed and assembled. This site is here to help you do it!

Equipment Used in this Home Floor Speakers System:

An old desktop computer which was later replaced by computer from Best Buy (first one had USB1/USB2 integration problems)

Texas Instruments (TI) chip-set firewire card in PCI slot

Creative Sound blaster sound-card with SPDIF digital output in PCI slot (could use any sound-card as long as it has digital SPDIF output)

Foobar 2000 crossover: Digital Crossover and music software for music

Thuneau Allocator Light crossover software: Speaker Crossover for movie and PC gaming playback (can use this for music playback also.)

M-Audio firewire 410 (firewire sound-card, interface) for analog outputs

Inday SPDIF digital switch (used to switch between blu ray, DVD, and gaming output

DIY speakers Instrument 2: Best Home Speakers with drivers, connectors, wire, seals, etc.

B&K ref 30 preamp (used for volume control) with remote

B&K ref 2140 amp x2 (1 for each mid and tweeter)

Crown power tech 2.1 amp for subs (stereo) (already owned)

DIY speaker and interconnect cables (already owned)

LCD TV (already owned)

Samsung Blue Ray player (already owned)

*Total price of system build was about $1800.00, system performance estimate: well over $10,000.00


I’m not saying that this is easy. I’m also not saying that you are guaranteed to build the best home theater speakers or stereo speakers you have ever heard.

But, if you follow our outline on this site, and take your time, the money invested will be a fraction of what you would have to pay for similar performance retail.

The benefit is that if you really screw up the speaker design -we can help you fix it. As long as the mistake is not mechanical, like blowing your tweeters. In that case they will have to be replaced.

How hard is it to build the DIY Speaker Cabinet?

If you have trouble sending emails you will probably have substantial difficulties with the computer set up.

If you have little to no woodworking skills you will have trouble with that as well.

I was not very skilled at either speaker cabinet design or PC building when I started out doing this. What I am saying, is that if you are patient and take the time to learn… You can do it!

Whenever I ran into a snag like how to install a dual boot Win XP/ Win Vista OS on a new computer I had some trouble. It took me about a week to figure it out. I kept studying online help sites until it made sense. I was really excited when I got it to work.

The point I’m making is that I believe that someone who is determined can make a superior product than someone who is only trying to increase their profits. I know how expensive it can be to get the best speakers for your home entertainment speakers system. But the truth is, YOU will take more time to get it just right than any manufacturer ever will. And generally speaking the learning experience is priceless.

Here is an article about how to assemble the best DIY home theater speaker or stereo speakersinto your system. You would not have to do this exactly the way I do. You could pick and choose only the parts of this project that you are ready for.

For example: you could begin by building a HTPC that would be ready to perform the other functions of this playback chain but only use it for an HTPC or media server for now.
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