How can You Make the “Best Home Theater System better”?

You build it beyond anything you thought you could afford. Yet spend less money doing it…

How can this be done? By taking a different approach to home theater options you probably have never heard of, or didn’t think you could do yourself.

What’s Important in Home theater design?

The best home theater systems can give you an extremely exhilarating ride… The trick is figuring out how to get an awesome theater experience without spending a fortune. Or if you want to spend a fortune, then your money will go that much further. Doesn’t that sound good?


Home theater building can be affordable and has become extremely popular in the last few years. So its a good idea to take advantage of the best kept secrets when possible.

Quality of components

The quality and comfort of the decor’, equipment, and even the home theater chairs is so high now that owners rarely want to go “out” to the theater.

What about Integrating an HTPC or Home Theater PC?

Have you considered integrating a Home Theater Computer into your theater?

Learn to build Home Theater walls

Build home theater walls and other tips for building a home theater.

Can you build speakers? Build a speaker box that’s worlds better!

Build a home theater PC, what you need to know first

The HTPC or Home Theater PC is gaining popularity in the industry. What most consumers are not aware of is that practically any computer can be used.

Many think that they must build a state of the art HTPC with all the latest bells and whistles. This is fine but adds substantially to the costs of any project.

Using the HTPC or computer is tomorrows most logical step. We encourage the use of the personal computer for many of the home theater functions.

Also, as we mentioned the PC can be utilized for more than just Home theater PC duty (HTPC).

But also for various digital signal processing functions. Read here about thehome theater acoustics of your room and how a properly configured HTPC can help.

Home Theater Table of Contents >>>

Designed to help you find your way around the entire subject of Home Theater

Basement Home Theater

• Basement Home Theater Part 1

• Basement Home Theater Part 2: Build Home Theater

Locating Your Speakers for Optimal Balance

• Speaker Positioning Part 1: Home Theater Speaker Placement

• Speaker Positioning Part 2: Home Theater Speaker Setup

• Speaker Positioning Part 3: Surrond Speakers

Help with Surround speakers and Components

• Home Theater Photos

• Need Help Setting up your Audio/Video Components?

• Want to learn more about Surround Sound Speakers and Center Channels?

Learn more about • Stereo or surround sound systems?

• Go to Home Theater Receiver Reviews from: Best-Home Theater System

Room Acoustics from: Best Home Theater System

• Build Your Own Home Theater – The build Process and What to do First

• Home Theater Sound Proofing

• HTPC Build and how to Use the Computer for Room Correction

• Build your Own Home Theater

• Home Theater Layout, Room Dimensions, and Home Theater Design

• Home Theater Designs: Developing a Home Theater Plan

• Home Theater Curtains

Computer Audio and HTPC from – Best Home Theater System:

• Go to Home Theater Computer – Optimize the HTPC for home theater Uses.

• Cheap computer speakers -Part 1

• Cheap computer and home theater speakers -Part 2

• Cheap computer and home theater speakers -Part 3: Surround Sound Sytems

• Mini Cube Speakers

Seating for the Home Theater

• Home Theater Seating Layout

• Berkline Home Theater Seating

• Home Theater Seating

• Return to Home Speaker from: Best Home Theater System


How Brave are You concerning your Home Theater Design?

For the very brave we make another possibility available: building some of the theater or speaker components yourself. Go to DIY home Theater Design page. DIY home theater design can be successfully executed by the homeowner and excellent results can be achieved. The DIY approach will yield several advantages for the enthusiast.

1. A better understanding of how audio and video systems work.

2. Substantial savings over retail products.

3. This gives you the most control over the final product and makes obtaining the best home theater system a substantially higher probability.

As I have mentioned in several other places on this site you could commission the work out to other craftsmen to handle the part of the build that you do not wish to perform.

If you took this approach you would still save substantial money.

Making the decision to build a home theater should be done with careful planning.

best home theater system

This site can help you to know what questions to ask. To help you know better what you should try to accomplish.

Developing a home theater plan for your theater project is a very job specific task. The differences are just too great between each individual installation.

If you hope to build a great home theater experience your best plan of action is to devote yourself to learn. Learn from this site and the supporting articles.

We use numerous resources to provide you with useful information that is based on science and measurements.

If you would like to get begin learning about the best home theater system, check out the resources at the bottom of this page.

Or you could use the instructions provided for free here and then order our speaker plans

and build as you go. Check out the “Purchase Direct” button in the sidebar to see some of the speaker plans.

Here is an article about HTPC, DSP, and digital crossovers

, this explains more in depth the advantages of DSP and digital filter slopes.

Keep in mind that these are just building blocks, getting the best home theater system

specific for your budget and tastes can be a long journey.

Many consumers unintentionally buy a product that may not be best suited to their needs. Like purchasing cheap home theater systems. that were built to maximize profits but yield very low performance.

Upgrades to HTPC programming and measurement software

are typically very simple. Computers and software seem to get less expensive every year.

When an excellent flexible playback system is finished all you are left to do is enjoy your music, and movies. How refreshing…

If you are interested in getting started with a DIY home theater

Make sure to install surge protection in your home as well. You need to protect your home theater equipment, computer systems an other valuable electronics. To learn more about the whole house surge protector see this article.

Not convinced about Home Theaters? 10 reasons that You want one!