Equipment used in the Worlds Best Home Theater Systems?

The Best Home theater systems all have one thing in common.

There will always be another home theater that is better still.

Quality is credited and seen from the eyes or ears of the beholder. I have been in some truly incredible Home theater systems.
Goldmund mimesis 32 best multichannel picture But for me to imply that this or that is the ‘best’ is ridiculous.

The term Best implies better than all others. Based on what? My personal ideas of what is ‘best’ may be very different from your idea of ‘best’.

This site is dedicated to high quality Audio and Video. This site may not be the ‘best’ but I will use the term anyway because I like it.

So don’t be offended when you see ‘best’ labels like ‘best speaker wire’ all over the place. I like the word, it gets attention.

No human on the planet has the perfect home theater system. Most of us just want to think that – ours is better than everyone Else’s.

I have highlighted a few pieces of audio equipment that are used in some of the world’s best home theater systems. This is not a be all and end all list by any stretch.

I have personally used or heard every piece of this gear. Most importantly, we are not trying to sell you anything.

If you are interested in building a DIY Home Theater system click here.

My Audio Equipment Reviews:

Everyone has something to sell and my sales tune is all about active crossovers, Home Theater PC’s and anything related to audio and video including the best home theater systems.


Speaker Reviews click here. You might point out that I make money from advertisers on this site. That is true.


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A Note about Magazine Reviews:

Magazine reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

If a poor review is published about a speaker manufacturer product the magazine will not sell too many ads to that manufacturer.

Guess what the publisher is going to tell the reviewer when they get an angry letter from the manufacturer? Do the math! Poor reviews can kill a company. The publishers and reviewers know this.

All products cannot be great or even good. Even if they are -the bar will be raised; then more quality and value will be expected on the very next review. Mediocre products would then be seen as awful and great products as only good.

By the way, one full page color ad in a stereo magazine start at around $7500 USD. That is $7500 USD for one month or issue –not for the entire year.

Multiply by 12 to get your expense for just one magazine. I know this because I called to enquire about them in early 2005. I am sure that those costs are higher now.

Most major high end companies run multiple ads in multiple magazines throughout the world. Some companies have ads every single month of the year.

Who pays for this advertising budget? Think about it! How much of that value gets past on to the purchasing customer? Zero!

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