Why Bi Wire Speaker Cables may not be your Best Upgrade

Bi wire speaker cables have become popular in the last 10 years.

Can you guess why?

Because it looks cool… That’s right.

In extreme cases of a speaker cable being too small, adding a second cable will lower the resistance a bit.

Bi wiring does basically one thing…

Lower the resistance of the cable by providing more cross section of the speaker cable. (And giving a lower overall wire gauge)

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If you are using cheap thin cables you may see some performance gains – maybe even substantial performance gains if using a very high wire gauge. (small size cable)

The only way to properly bi wire speaker cables is by using separate conductors from the amplifier the whole way to the separate binding posts on the speaker.

There are some cables that use a jumper at the end while using the same conductor throughout the cable length.

For most situations; bi-wiring speaker cables is nothing but a gimmick and waste of money.

There is one situation where bi wiring not only makes scientific sense but is also a necessity:

When you use active crossovers, you will need an individual cable for each speaker driver.

Now here; the benefits of bi wiring are fully realized because only the signal which is sent through the cable is received by the speaker driver.

This allows you to use smaller gauge cable for the tweeter, then slightly larger for the mid-range and finally, a large wire gauge for the bass drivers.

If bi wire speaker cables are what you are after this is the only useful execution of them.

So why has bi wiring become so popular with surround sound hookup then? Like I said, it’s all about the looks, some consumers are after the concealed speaker wire appearance while others want to show off their audio jewelry. Part Express carries any cable you might want their department of Wire & Cable -carry a large selection of bulk reels to completed cables in every style and length.

Adding some flashy new audio cable Connectors – One of the largest selections of connectors online for home, car and professional audio is one way to show off that bling. Bi wire speaker wires just add more to the mix.
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