Which is the Best Blu-Ray Player for You?

Finding the best blu-ray player is easy to do with a rating system and customer input. All you need is a trustworthy system to use… Good news, it’s already been in use for many years.

It’s called Amazon.

Find out which players are the most popular and the best value for your home theater system. (See the example box below)

Read reviews from other buyers who liked or did not like a specific player.

Find out about quality issues from real people just like you.

No Hype, Just fast results!

The new breed of blu-ray DVD players are available and can be very high performance and useful machines. The right one for you will depend on a few factors. Add your experiences and comments in the entry form section below.

What to Look For:

• Price: If you are only after the cheapest blue ray player that you can find make sure to get one that has a good reliability history.

Use the review system and Star system provided by Amazon to get a player that will suit your needs. You can see examples of this in the box below. Go to Amazon directly by clicking on one of those players.

• Performance: If the utmost in high performance is what you desire in a blu-ray machine then buy a higher priced product.

With blue-ray players you get what you pay for. Although, some of the extra costs can go into features and better specifications. Just get the best player you can afford that has the specs and features that you need.

• Features: Get the feature set that you need now plus make sure to plan for a few years down the road.

Making a few system changes could mean you will need a wider variety of outputs from the machine. Get one that will exceed your feature needs such as including a digital optical and coax output.

• Specifications: Specs are a bit tough to understand for most. There are many factors such as signal to noise ratio and output distortion etc.

Most of the new blue-ray player types will have very good specs but again you get what you pay for. The slightly more expensive players should measure better than a cheap one.

• Value, or price to performance ratio: These bargains are easily spotted because they are typically the most popular products offered.

Using the Amazon shopping system to make a better decision

You can tell from the Amazon ratings how many customers buy that product based on popularity.

It is a reliable system and works well for most of your uses.

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