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Get maximum Performance without Spending Max $

Blu-ray players are a great way to upgrade your home entertainment system!

Why upgrade to blu ray?

– They look better.

– Sound better.

– And offer a more realistic entertainment experience.

If you pursue the best home theater systemgetting into blu ray is the next logical choice.

DVD just doesn’t cut it anymore.

What Happened to the old DVD?

HDTV was first displayed in the United States in 1981.

When high definition TV became a reality for the public in 1998 there were few that could afford to take advantages of the technology.

HDTV’s were extremely expensive.

I can remember drooling over a small 28 inch TV that was over $20,000 USD. Some early HDTV’s were much more expensive than that set.

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If you did buy an HDTV when you brought your beautiful new set home you were even more discouraged because the programming for high def channels are an up charge as well.

Then in 2006 HDTV was made the standard for all TV channels to adhere to. TV network channels were given a time line in order to have free HDTV for all regularly broadcast-ed shows.

Blu Ray was a natural extension of the change to HD recording.

That change was made final in 2008 after several extensions were issued by the Obama Administration. (but were put into action much earlier than this)

In my opinion HDTV television sets have only become affordable in the last 3 years –since about 2007.

In the last year small HDTV sets have come down in price so that most consumers can afford one.

So DVD is on the way out, and Blu ray players will be making their way into many home theater systems.

Blu-ray Disc Players and your Home Theater Audio System:

Then a few years ago in 2006 the first Blue-ray movies started to be sold to the general public.

Blu ray has its own short history, but it was all made possible by the HD cameras used by the recording and movie industries.

The proof is in the PICTURE and the sound.

I don’t know anyone whom after seeing a Blue ray player spinning a BR disc and displayed on a quality HDTV set could argue against the quality.

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Blu-ray technology brings more of the experience into your home.

I use the word “more” because you get more of the picture.

More everything!

And THAT is what a good Home Theater experience is about! Read more about Home Audio.

Our Blu-Ray Player Picks:

To read our Samsung Blu Ray Player review go here. We pick the best of 3 machines.

I was pretty shocked at the difference that a nice Blu Ray player made to my home theater system. The audio and video quality improvement was pretty surprising.

If you have a good HDTV you will be very happy with the results…

Honestly, once you have seen HD movies you won’t be able to go back to basic DVD.

Home Theater is a great hobby and a great way to spend time with your friends and family. Blu-Ray technology just makes it better!
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