Blue Ray Player purchasing tips: Get the best Blu-Ray machine for Your Cash

Want a new blue ray player?

Need high performance but a low price?

There are two basic types of Blu-Ray Players:

1. The Home Theater PC – Blu Ray Drive . This is basically the same as a DVD drive in your computer, but it allows a decoder to read what is on blu ray discs as well as regular DVD’s.

Oppo BDP 83 Blu Ray Player

2. The standalone Blu Ray Playersuch as the Oppo BDP83 Blu Ray player… This excellent machine is the most common type of player.

These standalone units will decode the data on the discs and output the audio through an HDMI cable, Digital coax, or Toslink, or output a multichannel analog signal for your multi channel preamplifier to process.

A different way to use the Blue Ray Player and your Home Theater PC

You can integrate a blue ray player and a home theater PC together to increase your home audio experience.

We also have some blu-ray players to recommend for purchase at the bottom of the page.

The most commonly used PC blu ray player is installed into a computer as a DVD drive. All you need to do this is to buy a blu ray drive purpose built for the PC and install some Blu Ray software to decode the information from the disc.

This works well for many home theater enthusiasts that are looking to expand their existing Home Theater PCs to also accommodate the blu ray technology. It is simple and cheap!

If the blu ray drive is the route you wish to take just remember that the performance you will achieve is directly related to the audio card and video card performance capabilities within your PC machine.

How to Use the Home Theater Computer and an external Blu Ray Player:

It is also possible to pipe the sound into your computer from an external player. This is done by using the digital or analog outputs from the Blu Ray player and sending to a Multi channel soundcard. These sound cards are typically known as ‘interfaces’ in the pro audio industry.

Using a better DAC (digital to analog converter):

The better interfaces are known as a Firewire Interface.

They are very common in the pro audio industry and were originally built for recording multiple tracks into a computer. Many of them are capable of up to 24/192 KHz conversion rates and audio quality can be exemplary.

My favorite interface boxes are the Echo Audiofire 12 and Echo Audiofire 8 units. They are both less than $600.00 and offer 8 and 12 channels of inputs and outputs. These DAC’s are hard to fault unless you plan to spend over $3000.00 on a multi channel unit.

The Interface Box can take either the analog or digital signal from any external device convert to digital, apply processing functions, and then send back out of the sound card inputs. You will need an ‘interface’ with enough inputs and outputs to accomplish this but it works quite well.

This is routed in the home theater PC by telling the DVD software to accept inputs from the sound-card, apply processing, and send back to soundcard outputs. You might be wondering why you would ever want to do this.

You can apply room correction, loudspeaker digital crossover slopes, and other processing functions in this way.

Our favorite standalone unit Blue Ray Player is the Oppo BDP83:

I believe that this player offers the most features and performance over any other player currently on the market.

It’s $499.00 price may not be considered as cheap but the quality of audio and video as well as features of this unit are difficult to match.

The reviews on this unit are basically outstanding as well. Follow the link to see some comments from Amazon buyers.

Write your own reviews of the Oppo BDP83 Blue Ray Player or any other player that you prefer below.
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