The Mini Cube2 SE – better than the already excellent Mini Cube SE book shelf speaker

The MC2 SE book shelf speaker (Mini Cube2 Speakers “Special Edition”) is capable of higher sound pressure level than the Mini Cube Speakers and even lower distortion levels.

So what! you might say?

Well, if you’ve heard the Mini Cube SE you would know that this is saying something…

 MC2 ES high end audio speakers

How EbenLee Audio
builds speakers better:

• Extremely high performance wide bandwidth speaker drivers (speaker cones)

• perfect pitch definition and system Q

• No internal parallel walls

• non-resonant chambers using wavelength and CAD during design process

• anti-standing wave construction

• low diffraction cabinet exterior

• high cost, proprietary cotton fiber internal damping

• high gloss automotive paint on SE models (custom colors available)

• entirely machined on CNC machine for high accuracy

• high quality binding posts on these book shelf speakers

MC2 SE home entertainment speakers


What does all that
techno-speak mean?


It means higher performance for music and home theater. It means you can forget about the quality of the system and just enjoy your music and movie collection. And you can also do so knowing you saved substantial money over competitive designs.

Believe it or not; if you combine the Mini Cube2 SE speakers to a state of the art sub-woofer (like the ELA-5 Sub), compare this speaker system to almost anything on the market. They sound that good… This total system cost would be less than $5k, and could be compared to large floor-standing systems over $10k.

EbenLee Audio website; click here!

How is it possible? The Mini Cube2 SE doesn’t try to do anything it wasn’t designed to do. In other words, it leaves the deep bass for the subwoofer. But where it plays, it plays beautifully. (set the receiver crossover to 100hz for best results)

You save money because there is no retail markup chain involved. All the extra money that would be soaked up with selling the speakers has been put into the quality of the parts, boxes, and design.



Features of the “Mini” surround sound speakers

• 100% CNC milled Baltic birch ply enclosures

• Layered cabinet type build. (think; Magico Mini or M5) Not a box, the cabinet is built up of layers from front to back. Very rigid and robust. Expensive? Yes… but the extremely robust speaker cabinet this creates is worth the extra costs. (see CAD drawing showing stacked panels)

• Continuous baffle

• Cylinder inner cavity

• No parallel walls (each layer is cut at an angle, so the walls are not parallel either)

• Cabinet does not support standing waves


A Great Resource

Another article that supports our theory, this is an outside source published by Audioholics; an article about speaker panel resonance.


Specifications of the Mini Cube Speakers:


• Power handling: 50 watts – 250 watts

• Sensitivity: 85db

• Dimensions: 5.5W x 9.5H x 6.25D

• Frequency response: 70Hz to 25,000Hz (+/-2.5db measured in room if using room correction of any modern receiver)

MC2 SE home entertainment speakers



Industry Leading – 90 day
money back, no questions asked guarantee

That’s no joke. No other speaker system in the industry can boast a guarantee like that. You buy them, try them, and if you don’t like them, get your money back. (less than 3% of our sales result in returns)

This guarantee is good from the date you receive the speakers, not the date you order them as some companies do.

The only thing you could possibly lose is the return shipping, which is very minimal.

This speaker must be used with a 4ohm stable receiver. It also needs a very powerful amplifier section. For best results use at least 100 watts per channel receiver that is also able to drive 4ohm speakers.

Free shipping to US customers!
30$ shipping credit for International customers!

We’re so sure you will love these EbenLee Audio
speakers we pay the shipping charges to get them to you.

EbenLee audio speakers and design surround sound speakers
designed and assembled in the USA 

Industry leading, 90 day Risk Free Guarantee!!!

EbenLee Audio website; click here!
Attn: Peter Selby
806 East Ave Eaton Ohio 45320
phone: 937-416-0373


Nothing about this book shelf speaker is second rate. Compare to Bose speakers of any price and configuration or to any other small speaker where small size and ultra-high performance is of utmost importance.

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