Bookshelf Speakers for the Theater and Home Stereo Speaker Systems:

Many consumers choose a set of small bookshelf speakers to use in their theater system.

There are many reason for this but the most popular reason is the small size and appearance.

Do Small monitor speakers actually use less space?bookshelf-speakers instrument quad mini full picture

That depends; do you plan to place them on shelves or on speaker stands?

In most cases the actual floor space taken up by these small monitors is no less than a comparable floor standing speaker.


However, they do look smaller because they physically use less space or volume in the room.

The Goldmund Logos 1 speaker is a great example of a small loudspeaker. If you can afford them -they are excellent!

Less Speaker Box volume can actually be to the speaker’s advantage:

The small volume will often help the speaker to image better or disappear into the sound stage.

If deep bass is allocated to a dedicated sub-woofer in many cases there is really no reason to use a large floor-standing speaker. (with home theater)

The satellite speaker or book-shelf speakerswill only be called on to reproduce the frequencies above about 80 Hz at high SPL.

Bookshelf Speaker Setup:

For the most part a good speaker setup is really not much different than a home floor speakers setup. There may be one major difference though: The distance from the front wall.

A larger floor-standing speaker may have better overall bass output.

This may cause you to position a speaker closer to the front wall to augment the bass.

Walls give a speaker what is called boundary reinforcement. When placed near a wall bass level will be increased.

But you must also know that being placed close to a wall decreases the sound-staging of the loudspeaker. Close wall placement is usually NOT a good thing.

Although, this is not always the case: Speakers perform very different depending on the size and shape (Acoustics) of the room they are placed into. The same holds true for larger speaker systems as well.


If you are in the market for a reasonably small speaker the Instrument Quad Mini might be just your ticket.

I wouldn’t really call it small as it’s dimensions are 10.5 wide, 14.5 tall, and 17.5 deep but for the performance on tap here the size is incredible.

The Instrument Quad Mini plays like a large floor standing speaker system.
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