Follow up Review for the: Bose Home Theater System

Bose Acoustimass 15 system:


My Bose Home Theater System reviews have not been very much fun.

Typically, follow up reviews are one of my favorite things to do. The reason I like them so much is because they are easy. You live with a product for a while and then write about it. Not very hard! When a sorry product comes along it becomes more challenging to say anything nice. I can have a tendency to focus on the negative qualities of any system. When the system is really bad I get down right frustrated and wonder why I should even bother.

Bose Quality and Accuracy?

Bose is a strange company in my book. They act like they care about their reputation, but year after year they stuff products into the marketplace that are inferior to less expensive competing designs.

They seem to cater to those of us whom only care about size. In this case small size. (their flagship acoustimass products) The Bose cube speakers are a case in point.

I really don’t get it… these are still ugly little black boxes.

You will still have to run wires all over the place. I would rather have an attractive larger speaker that would have higher performance potential.

Summary of Bose Speaker systems:

And there you have it already. As far as I can tell the major problem with these speakers is simply this: The extremely small driver size makes adequate integration with the sub-woofer module virtually impossible.

The little mid-range/tweeter drivers do not have the upper bass output to reach down to match with the subwoofer. And the bass module does not reach up to the lower crossover point of the Bose cube speakers.

The tweeter crossover is set to 280Hz. The bass module picks up at 205Hz -that leaves a dip in the response smack in the middle of this region.

And so: the Bose Theater system leaves much of the performance in the dark -so to speak.

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