Build a Home Theater and Home Speaker System that’s better And For Less Money!


This entire site is an online guide designed to help you with topics related to home stereo and how to build a home theater.

My name is Peter.

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The main Subjects that this site will address:

1. To apply the latest and most advanced technologies like the Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) and how it can help your home theater room acoustics and music systems sound and video performance.

2. To introduce a better way to buy speakers or build home theater speakers and stereo speakers. Buying retail speaker systems is not your only choice regarding Home Audio. But if you do need to buy speakers, we have some of the best.

3. To help you assemble a home theater system that is superior and for far less money than retail audio/video systems.

4. To look at the latest LCD LED, HDTV display technologies, help you understand them, and show you how to get the best HDTV set for your needs.

The goal of

This is a place you can come to learn about topics relating to Building a Home Theater or any home audio systems. That may be – just assembling some high quality components.

Or even to build speakers and the entire home audio system yourself. It’s all here!

And if you can’t find it- send me a message from the Contact Us page and let me know. I’ll point you to the page or add your topic in- in as much detail as you like.

Why Build This Website dedicated to Audio and Video?

Why go to the trouble of building an audio help-site that only sells a few products with very low profit potential? (The best product offered on this site is completely free.)

Full Home-Speaker Website Disclosure.

I got started in home and pro audio about 13 years ago.

First as a music lover and consumer of all things audio and video.

Then late in the year 2000, I began serving as the sound technician at my local church.

In March 2005 I was awarded a patent, for a high fidelity audio cable. You can check it out on theBest Speaker Wire page.

The steps I took to build a home theater, home speakers, and stereo speakers became more than a hobby for me about 6 years ago.

It took me nearly 3 years to complete my first active digital stereo and finish building a home theater system.

It took about 200 hours to actually build the first system including the DIY loudspeakers. This time that I spent does not include the room construction of building the Home Theater.

The Home Speaker site Team Members:

The engineer that I use for complex Audio/video projects is Anthony Brubaker.

Anthony works at Milacron in Cincinnati as an engineer.

Anthony is also a great bass guitarist. He takes care of all the really hard engineering stuff that I can not do myself.

My wife Rachel is a pianist and piano teacher with a fantastic ear. She is also the worship leader at our church.

So I occasionally call on her and some of the other musicians to give me their ears, thoughts and perspective on a specific design I may be working on.

How can I help You Build a Home Theater or Music System?

This site lays out the instructions, components, and materials you will need to build a home theater or home audio system if you wish to.

Start out with the Home Theater Personal Computer or go all the way and build the Loudspeakers as well.

If that is beyond your ability or patience level, that’s okay!

There are still plenty of options for you here.

For example: get some speaker plans and have a cabinet shop build speakers for you.

Another option: build your own HTPC. Building an HTPC is actually quite simple.

We help you put the Home Entertainment plan together (for free) so you can build what you are comfortable building, and subcontract out the rest.

Developing a playback system as we are describing in this site is better because problems can be easily corrected within the digital domain.

Not only that, we encourage the use of technology that The Major Retail Companies cannot yet use to their benefit. I explain this a bit in this article on Home Theater Systems.

This Hands On approach is in contrast to -being stuck with what you purchased from the retail store for years to come.

Admittedly, this is a more hands on approach and it will not work for everyone.

But, for the brave and resourceful, you have the capability to build a home theater or audio system far beyond -what is available on the retail market. And usually, for substantially less money.

Will it take some work? Yes. Some research? Yes. Will you be happier in the end? Yes.

I will warn you that it will take a little time to digest all of the information on this free Home Speaker site. But it will be well worth it!

I believe you will be able to Build a Home Theater Audio/Video system that completely fulfills your expectations!

Happy listening!