Build Home Theater better! Get the facts… Even help for a Basement Home Theater

Choosing the right options before you begin to build your own home theater will make all the difference

Are you developing a plan to Build Home Theater systems for your home?

Which Speakers will work best for Your room?

In wall speakers, ceiling speakers, and floor standing speakers; they each have their strengths.

– In-wall speakers and in ceiling speakers will give more floor space and will not have to be seen.

– These speaker systems can be a good way to keep tiny fingers (children) from poking dents into your speaker drivers.

In some situations in wall speakers are the best solution for the home owner.

Home Theater picture 2010

You may also prefer to have an integrated look- where all components and equipment are built into walls or cabinets as well.

However, there are also disadvantages to hiding all of your gear, especially the speaker systems. Highest audio quality is obtained with a well designed floor standing speaker system.

This is becausefloor standing speakers interact with the room better than in walls and on wall speakers.

Many consumers will still prefer to have the integrated look of hidden components and speakers.

Home Theater Equipment You may Need:

There is a vast array of audio and video equipment on the market today.

There are so many brands and lines that it is impossible to stay up to date on this subject.

So we rely on you to keep everyone else privy to the latest and greatest. Write your own reviews here!

Let us know if anything should be added at the bottom of this page. These are items you may want to integrate into your home theater.

1. Speaker Systems

2. Amplifiers

3. Pre-amplifiers and receivers

4. Lighting

5. Acoustic Treatment

6. Video projector, screens, scalers

7. HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer)

8. Media Servers

9. Control systems ( Control4 )

10. Heating and A/C (HVAC)

11. Digital Signal Processors

12. HD TV (LCD, plasma)

13. DVD and Blu Ray players

Depending on the complexity of your project the list could be more extensive or simple. Cheap home theater systems can be found here. You may be interested in a simple and easy- cheap home theater system project?

Other Subjects on Building a homeTheater:

Click here to learn more about building a home theater. Here is a list of equipment and components that we use and you can even add your own wish list at the bottom of this page. Add to our list of equipment the gear that you think is/or would be excellent when you build a home theater.

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