How to Avoid Crumby Cheap Home Theater Systems:

General Audio observations about cheap Home Theater Systems:

Some shoppers are all about price.

Some are all about performance.

Most of us are somewhere in the middle.

We want both price and performance. I would like to help you build both into your home theater experience.

But the Home Theater System is still cheap right?


Yes, but there are some things to consider first:

What equipment you currently have in your possession. Just want high quality, completely finished surround sound speakers… Now on Sale!

Do you own a computer? Use it for a home theater computer or HTPC.

Do you have an old home theater receiver?

You might even have some old stereo speakers laying in the attic or the basement.

These components that you already own are critical to getting the best performance for the smallest amount of dollars. A cheap home theater speaker can even be bought at a garage sale. Keep your eye out for deals.

Use some of these components that you already own.

I know, you might want

Goldmund stereo speakers

the best home theater receiver but there is something you should know about audio components. Most of the cheap stuff is junk! Total junk actually!

So if you can use some of your own old equipment you may end up buying fewer new items.

You will be able to spend more of your budget on less parts getting higher overall performance.

If you have a Computer with a DVD drive- Go to Home Theater PC use the PC to play movies instead of getting a new DVD player.

If you have an old receiver but no speakers, use the old receiver and buy better speakers. Add the receiver budget to the speaker budget= higher quality speakers.

Think out your plan before you spring for that Cheap Home Theater in a box. Many HTIB systems are quite terrible.

Don’t Assume because the Parts are Old- that New Home Theater Equipment is Better!

Some old components are built very well and sound very good.

Don’t sell your old stuff short. Give it a chance before running out to a home theater system store.

That brand new gear might be worse performing than the old equipment you may have lying in the attic.

If the old gear needs a face lift then do some cheap repairs and repaint them in the back yard.

You are only limited by your imagination. Have some fun with this hobby! Go to Build Speakers page.

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