Excellent Cheap Surround Sound Speakers are within Your Reach!

Cheap surround sound speakers are a good way to achieve total disappointment with your Home Theater…

In order for you to achieve any kind of realism you need a good speaker system to produce the dynamics and clarity that is on the recording.370xNxfinished-mini-cube-speaker.jpg.pagespeed.ic.vT885nbHop

The problem is that a decent set of home theater or stereo speakers are not cheap…

At least not if you use conventional (retail) way of buying home speaker systems.

Sadly, nearly all cheap surround sound speakers systems that are on the market are overpriced profit generators for the companies that sell them.

Meaning there is very little value other than they make ‘noise’ for you to ‘enjoy’. (More accurately, not enjoy)

The other problem is that it often takes a few months to recognize the shortcomings of a given speaker design.

I had it in my mind that there must be people whom would like to have an excellent set of acoustic audio speakers but do not want to pay out Junior’s college tuition to get them.

This idea is what led me on a Path of Discovery to find the perfect cheap surround sound speakers for all of us to purchase and enjoy.

Get your own high quality, factory direct, internet only, completely finished surround sound speakers… Now on Sale!

But I hit a pothole very quickly in my research; Companies that chuff out these inexpensive home audio surround sound systems are not in the business of making excellent sounding speaker systems. They are in the business of making money…

Now, I am not against anyone making money, but herein the problem lies: If the lowest price is the absolute goal, then the profit margin must be eliminated from the equation.


Because the price is already low, meaning the quality of components is even lower and…

When you factor in all of the distribution chains – by the time the speaker system makes it to the retailer from shipping, wholesalers, manufacturers, advertising, etc – The actual cost of the item you receive is 50 to 70% higher than the materials and labor invested.

Sometimes, this figure is much, much higher – think 100% to 300% higher.

Consider for a moment: How much of this price increase (profit and business expenses), adds one iota to the Speaker Performance and Sound Quality that you experience in your home?

I have heard that the total materials for a multi-thousand-dollar Bose system are between $100 and $200. This can’t be confirmed but based on the type of speaker drivers and cabinets that Bose uses it would not surprise me if this was at the high end of the actual materials investment.

Very quickly I saw a trend in what these companies were doing. And, I saw an opportunity for even the most basic tool knowledge to be used.

If you have any idea how to pull the trigger on a power saw and not cut your hand off you can easily best the performance of any of these Cheap Surround Sound Speakers on the market.

How do I know?

Because I’ve easily built many sets of these speakers myself.

This is easy and it’s not even close to rocket science. You had harder projects in high school chemistry believe me!

I decided to see how cheap I could build a set of these Mini Cube Speakers:

I had several Criteria that I wanted these Speakers to Meet:

1. The speakers had to be small enough to be considered a mini speaker or about the same size as an HTiB (home theater in a box) system.

2. They need to play reasonably loud. (over 100db)

3. It must look good

4. It must sound good

5. It must be very, very cheap

6. It must be powered with an actual receiver, not some “all in one” hunk of junk.

7. Must use proven speaker drivers with good measured performance characteristics

8. Must use overbuilt yet simple speaker box design that is also very easy to build.


I wanted these speakers capable to be used as audiophile computer speakers or cheap and small computer speakers.

Using a DIY speaker box was the only way to achieve all of these goals. And the performance is commensurate with a Bose or Samsung surround sound speakers system at 3 to 4 times the price.


How much does this speaker system cost? These speakers can be built for around $40 per pair, not including the receiver and sub-woofer. The sub could also be built or you could order a DIY kit from parts express. Read more in the following article.

At first glance I did not think that this would be possible to achieve. That is a pretty tall list for such a small and cheap speaker system to muster.

Turns out I was wrong… Read more here! Mini Cube Speakers Continued –

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