How to build Cheap Home Theater System speakers or Computer Speakers

Looking to put together a cheap home theater system?

Better speakers make better music.B210D-large

Home theater sounds like you are in the movie.

Better quality entertainment with your family and friends.

Getting hung up on brand names only hurts your pocket book. Some of the best speaker brands are largely unknown and produced by small companies.

Get better speakers for less dough… and a better “cheap home theater system”…


Learn how to “make high performing speakers for less”

Assemble musically satisfying cheap home theater speakers for the home theater spot in your home.

Where to get Speakers and Speaker Parts?

You can order the parts and speaker boxes or make them yourself.(cuts out the middle man and additional mark-up)

If you order the parts you could complete a great set of stereo speakers or cheap home theater speaker in only a few hours.

You should expect the performance to be 2 to 3 times higher than if you buy a speaker system off the shelf.

Of course, building speakers yourself is not for everyone.

But this is a very simple project that you can do! Give it a try.

Look at the previous page for more explanations and driver possibilities.

Click on the previous page link at the bottom. This speaker design plan uses the HiVi B3N full range speaker driver. You can get this driver at Parts Express – They have Free Shipping Every Day on most orders over $98 (Restrictions apply).

1. Fabricate the small speaker design out of 3/4″ thick MDF for your speakers. The cabinet will be 5.5″ wide, 9″ tall and 7″ deep. Or buy your own speaker cabinets at Speaker Building – Build your perfect speaker with our parts and supplies from crossover components to full kits.

Cut the pieces with a table saw. If you only have a power saw use guides and clamps to make your cuts straight. You can add a brace in the middle of the cab if you wish.

2. Cut the hole for the speaker driver into the front baffle before finishing assembly of the cabinet. Chamfer the inside edge of the speaker front baffle.

3. This will allow the back wave of sound to easily evacuate away from the speaker drivers and baffle. Use the driver to line up the holes for the mounting screws. Drill holes for terminal block on the rear baffle at this time also.

4. If you want perfect looking cabinets for your cheap home theater system you must sand all edges until the joints are perfectly flat. This will take some time if doing this by hand.

5. Be sure all voids and gaps are completely filled with glue prior to finishing your sanding job. Filled spaces will need to be sanded flat as well. (after they have completely dried)

6. Use ‘stick on’ sandpaper pads and stick them to a flat piece of left over MDF. If you have a power sander this process is much faster. Caution: A belt sander may remove too much wood.

7. Primer the cabinet with a spray on primer. (not in the garage next to your car) Apply several coats of primer and check your work with a light.

8. Apply your first coat of color to the computer speakers. Add layers by lightly sanding after each coat dries. Keep in mind this primer and paint process can take several days because of drying time. Be patient!

9. Solder the driver terminals to the terminal block using some 16ga wire. Make sure polarity is correct. Install the terminal block into the cabinet. Make sure the terminal block is sealed to the cabinet.

10. Use a gasket when mounting the driver to the baffle. The cabinet must be air tight.

11. Use an old home theater receiver to power the cheap home theater system drivers.

Full Speaker Box Plans coming soon!

You could easily build these speakers with the description above, but if you are not comfortable without having some plans as a guide they are coming soon.

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Here is an article about the superiority of using the HTPC to do more than just store media.

To learn more about system set up and how to assemble the components of cheap theater system speakers click here.

We will be posting the detailed plans for this speaker within a few weeks on this page.

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