“These speakers sound real!” Get the Best Computer Surround Sound Speaker

Compare to any computer speakers brand

When played on this computer surround sound speaker system your music will sound more like ‘live music’.

computer surround sound speaker

It’s like being at the blues bar or concert, these speakers take you right to the recording studio or hall where the recording took place.

Spend quality time with your family; watching a movie that pulls you into the action.

Stop the upgrading bug dead in its tracks…

These speakers are the last speakers you will ever need…

Get the best quality speakers now and enjoy them for a lifetime

Speaker boxes so inert and strong you could use them to smash other similarly priced speakers to bits.

And as long as you don’t smash the drivers; they would still sound awesome! (We actually did this during testing just for fun!)

“These speaker are built like a tank!”

Think a small speaker can’t provide slam on music and movies?

Think again!

If used with a subwoofer, this computer surround sound speaker will provide all the harmonics to make your sub sound like you spent thousands of dollars on your audio system.

There’s a scientific reason these speakers can make your sub ‘sound’ better:

The leading edge of a bass transient may not be ‘just bass’… often, there is a tonal quality to the bass as well…

The main speakers have to be able to play the tones and transients accurately for bass to sound real. The sound of the strings, the skin of the drum, the tone of the explosion all contribute to the ‘bass sound’.

It’s not just about the bass notes itself…

A good computer surround sound speaker Stop the upgrading bug dead even makes the bass sound better.

These speakers will play the upper harmonics and tones of the bass that is needed to make sounds appear ‘real’.

The Mini Cube Speakers use a sealed cabinet construction which offers better pitch definition

What’s pitch definition?

It’s the ability to play notes with agility.

To play each note individually so you can hear it clearly from the other notes.

These speakers can do this while playing complex passages having multiple transients and harmonics.

best surround sound speakers

They hold it all together…

Small size offers nearly unlimited speaker placement options

• Is more pleasing to the eye

• High spouse acceptance

• Helps the speakers to disappear as a sound source

• Allows the speakers to throw images all over the listening room

Enjoy the finer things in life… Like;

• The sounds of live music played in your own home

• The Mini Cube Speakers audio quality is unsurpassed; you won’t believe the quality and amount of beautiful sound from such small boxes. Or from any size speaker for that matter…

High quality is something you have been wanting in your home theater system, right?

• The Mini Cube speakers exude quality in every way

• Your friends and family won’t believe their ears and will think you are a genius

Get better audio from your DVD’s and Blu Ray movies

Compatible with all high resolution movie formats like Dolby True HD and DTS HD

Easy to integrate into your computer surround sound speaker system

dayton amp for computer surround sound speakerdayton-audio-dta-1-desktop-amp-for-wireless-pc-speakers

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Use the Mini Cube speakers for

7.1 computer speakers

cheap surround sound speakers

audiophile computer speakers

Replace Creative computer speakers and get better sound

Replace Dell computer speakers, significantly higher quality

Use them for portable computer speakers

Laptop computer speakers

Computer surround sound speaker

Amplified computer speakers

Replace your Sony computer speaker with a high quality option

Replace your old worn out cheap computer speakers

Set up a 5.1 computer speakers system for gaming

Ever wonder how much of the music and audio information you have been missing?

• You would be surprised how much information is being masked by your current speaker system.

• You can almost reach out and touch the actors and musicians in front of you.

• These speakers don’t mask your recordings.

• Hear for yourself what was previously missing on your favorite media.

• Get your musical notes back

Hint: There aren’t any extra notes or information present. You just couldn’t hear it before because your speaker system was masking them.

The information was always there… But now you can hear it! It takes a high quality transducer (speaker driver) and well-designed speaker to bring this information out so it’s audible.

How do these speakers achieve such high Sound Quality?

1. No passive crossovers on the speaker driver

• Passive crossover networks degrade the pure signal

• The Mini Cube Speakers have extremely low distortion; one reason is the elimination of the crossover.

• Music sounds better, more real.

2. Sealed speaker cabinets

The air inside the cabinet acts as a suspension system (like a spring with a shock absorber) for the driver.

A note or transient is played and the cone returns to the rest position almost immediately. (Just like the shocks on your car)

• Offers better articulation of sounds from drums to explosions and even voices.

• Ported cabinets can’t do this because they continue to ‘ring’ or ‘move’ even after the note has been played. This is called ‘overhang’ and it’s a common issue with ported designs.

Acoustic instruments sound like the real instruments recorded

• No hazing or glare

• More accurate movie playback

• You can hear everything you have been missing

3. Low distortion offers a better musical experience

• Low distortion equals more accuracy

• More accuracy means a realistic presentation

• More imaging

• Deeper sound stage, with accurate image placement Compare to any other small speaker under $500.00 per pair.

Add a subwoofer and compare to any speakers under $1500.00 per pair.

These speakers are Excellent!

No need to upgrade your entire stereo system or home theater.

Get your Mini Cube speakers now! Computer speakers for a complete home surround sound system