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Dayton RS621CBK Speaker Kit

A Better Way to the PC Home Theater System:

Looking for some better options to consider with computer speakers?

These ideas are often overlooked by the mainstream retail customer.

But I don't think you are mainstream... or ordinary...

Get a speaker that is anything but ordinary... High Quality completely finished surround sound speakers... Now on Sale!

Build your own speakers:

1. You can buy a basic set of small computer monitors from a big box store. This is the most expensive and offers the lowest audio performance.

2. You can buy a speaker kit and put the parts together - which is very easy. (see picture to the right) You will only need a few basic tools to complete the job and it will only take a couple hours. To see more go to: Speaker Building - Build your perfect speaker with our parts and supplies from crossover components to full kits. This is a less expensive and higher performance option than the first. Go to the Cheap Home Theater System page for help with these..

3. Or, did you know that you can easily make your own DIY computer speakers from scratch? It's actually quite simple. Getting higher performance PC speakers and spending less on these discount speakers at the same time.

The entire process can easily be completed on a Saturday afternoon. Our speaker plans show you how to build them. Below is a parts list. You could even make up your own plans if you wish.

Recommended Speaker components and Speaker Parts:

This is the HiVi B3N full range driver. Use from 150Hz to 20,000Hz.

This speaker driver is a real bargain at it's $12 per unit price. Very smooth response up to 8k where a peak will need to be brought down. Available at Parts Express.

This can usually be done within the sound-card software of your computer speaker system. Bass distortion below 200 Hz is pretty high so I would only use this driver down to about 150 Hz.

Distortion is very good from 200 Hz to 20 kHz, especially at this price. These will not play super loud but are more than adequate for PC speaker monitors or for TV or small PC Home theater system monitors.

HiVi B3N driver picture You will get higher performance with a set of these mini cube speakers and a small sub-woofer, than a Blose' acoustimass speaker system. And for a small fraction of the price.

Click the parts express link below and enter "HiVi B3N" in the search bar on the right of their page. It will bring up this driver.

These parts can be found at Parts Express – Free Shipping Every Day on most orders over $98 (Restrictions apply).

Parts Express Binding Posts

Binding Posts are mounted on the back of the cabinet by drilling two holes.

Seal between cabinet and posts with silicon caulk for a complete seal.

Your PC speakers will be easier to hook up with a set of these and they only cost a few dollars at Parts Express.

Click one of the Parts Express text links and enter binding posts into the top right search box to see a variety of these connectors.

To learn how to make your own DIY speaker cables and interconnect wires click here.

This is a full range driver from Tang Band. Can also be used from 100Hz to 20,000Hz.

Will need some Eq around 14k to smooth a rise in the response. Very easy to correct with a computer.

This driver has a very nice even response with low distortion. Because it is a 4" driver it will have some beaming at high frequencies. This is a trade off for the coherence that it provides.

Beaming is not really an issue if you are seated in the sweet spot, such as at the computer.

This driver will have a bit better bass response and lower distortion in below 200 Hz than the Hi-Vi B3N driver above. But the price is a bit higher too.

Click the parts express link below and enter "Tang Band W4-1337SA" in the search bar on the right of their page. It will bring up this driver. Find these speaker drivers at Parts Express – Free Shipping Every Day on most orders over $98 (Restrictions apply).

For Highest Quality Computer Audio and PC Home Theater System:

Fabricate small enclosures out of 3/4" thick MDF for your computer speakers. The cabinet will be 5.5" wide, 9" tall and 7" deep. Cut the pieces with a table saw or chop saw for DIY computer-speakers.

If you only have a power saw use guides and clamps to make your cuts straight. You can add a brace in the middle of the cab if you wish.

Cut the hole for the driver into the front baffle before finishing assembly of the cabinet. Chamfer the inside edge of the front baffle.

This will allow the back wave of sound to easily evacuate away from the driver and baffle. Use the driver to line up the holes for the mounting screws. Drill holes for terminal block on the rear baffle at this time also.

Use the Mini Cube speakers for a computer surround sound speaker - awesome performance!

If you want perfect looking cabinets for your computer speakers you must sand all edges until the joints are perfectly flat. This will take some time if doing this by hand.

Makes sure all voids and gaps are completely filled with glue prior to finishing your sanding job. Filled spaces will need to be sanded flat as well. (after they have completely dried)

Use 'stick on' sandpaper pads and stick them to a flat piece of left over MDF. If you have a power sander this process is much faster. Caution: A belt sander may remove too much wood.

Primer the cabinet with a spray on primer. (not in the garage next to your car) Apply several coats of primer and check your work with a light.

Apply your first coat of color to the computer speakers. Add layers by lightly sanding after each coat dries. Keep in mind this primer and paint process can take several days because of drying time. Be patient!

Solder the driver terminals to the terminal block using some 16ga wire. Make sure polarity is correct. Install the terminal block into the cabinet. Make sure the terminal block is sealed to the cabinet.

Use a gasket when mounting the driver to the baffle. The cabinet must be air tight.

Use an old home theater receiver to power the computer speakers drivers. If you are looking for Very High Quality Audio for your computer read this on how to build a set of even better computer speakers and a DIY home theater speaker. An article about the superiority of using the HTPC to do more than just store media.

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Customer Testimonials:

"Peter, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say how impressed I am with these speakers. They are EXACTLY what I was looking for..very very small with big sound.

My wife loves them as well. They look great, and you hardly notice them at all sitting on the shelf. They integrate perfectly as surrounds. I have them crossed over at 150 as you recommended...simply fantastic. I only have about 15 hours on them so far, so I know they will only get better. You really have something here. Kelly ~ Montana USA

"I found these speakers by accident and after reading all the available info and after several emails back and forth with the company owner I decided I had nothing to lose, so I ordered a set of 5 mini cube speakers.

Peter was very helpful and patient and always responded to my emails within hours.

I have had the speakers set up for a couple of days and they sound great; they are everything described on the web site.

The sound from these small speakers truly is awesome.

I replaced a set of very high quality but also very large speakers and have not been disappointed... and the wife loves not having four large speakers in the living room.

The sound from these speakers really does fill the entire house, I was concerned about the small size of the speakers due to the fact I like to listen to music and movies at volumes most would consider loud.

These speakers are more than capable of playing at volume levels louder than I ever need while also maintaining very high quality sound. ~by; William (Corinth,TX)

"I ordered these speakers in the hope of bringing some life to my entertainment system... I didn’t think it would bring room filling sound to my entire house. These speakers not only fill my den with crystal clear sound, but radiate great sound throughout the house. Thanks for such a great product!" Celia ~Malasia IP#

"these speakers breathed new life back into my music, I had no idea such small surround sound speakers could perform so well." John from US IP#

"how you got so much performance out of these speakers I have no idea -Great product!" Andrew from Denmark IP#

"nice speakers, nice finish, blended in with my room well and the wife is happy too. Great sound presentation! Now I just wish you guys made a subwoofer." Kyle from US IP#

"These surround sound speakers are amazing! After running them in for a couple days, I decided to play some tunes, and they never once sounded distorted or strained...

While I know they should be paired with a good sub-woofer bass system, I think they sound good enough that I can wait until I have the money to buy a really nice sub." Fred US IP#

"Wow, what a great set of speakers. I really understand what you mean by a large sound-stage." Sandy from US IP#

"Recently I came to realize that my HDTV was better than my sound system... So, I decided to piece together a better sound system. Running across your site (and these speakers) was the best thing that has happened to my home theater.

My current system is; an older receiver, a home theater PC with a blue-ray player drive, and one pair of your Mini-Cubes. (for now; I plan to buy 3 more speakers soon)" Kevin US IP#

"Purchasing a new set of surround sound speakers was a must for me. My old system looked awful and sounded even worse. The quality and look of your Mini-Cube speaker were a perfect fit.

Once I reviewed the ratings and tests I knew they would be perfect. I will be sure to look for more information and products from you. I can't believe the performance of these surround sound speakers for the modest price. I would recommend these speakers to anyone!" Mike US IP#

"The overall quality and dynamic capacity of these speakers really took me by surprise. Their imaging is distinct, tonality is crystal clear, and oh yeah... they pump out some serious volume!

I feel like I have stolen speakers that I can't afford. People that spend more are Suckers!!" Micah US #Ohio