Get Your Own Custom Speaker Boxes and Experience How Good Home Audio can Be!

Do you have a project you have wanted to try but need a little extra help? We offer custom speaker boxes design…

mains diy speakers presby-church

If you need us to design the speaker box so that it is totally inert and resist distortion we can help you.

Offering two types of custom speaker design work:

Option One (see: Bespoke Custom Speaker boxes below):

We design the plans and only you are given a copy of the design. This option allows you to own a speaker that is literally one of a kind. No other loudspeaker on the planet will be like yours.

Option Two:

Or, after paying for your plans we will also sell the plans to other readers as well.

presby church mains stereo speakers-mains

This is the most economical option. Reselling allows us to pass some of the design expense onto other future buyers.

These designs are custom, and your input will be needed. We often like to find out what other types of loudspeakers you like and your listening tastes. Then we will make preliminary drawings and get more feedback from you.

Here is what you get

Your plans will be completely modeled in CAD, and then converted into PDF form.

Complete with pictures from the CAD design process to help you with the assembly and build process. Building your own speakers has never been easier, from the cutting process all the way to learning how to paint the boxes.

Pricing for our Custom Speaker Plans is as follows :

Please note that these are plans only. No parts are provided besides the instructions of how to build the cabinets.

• Single driver speaker plans: $75.00-150.00

• Small two way monitor plans: $100.00-150.00

• Large two way monitor plans: $125.00-175.00

• 3 way speaker plans: $250.00-300.00

• Double cabinet (bass module and mid/tweeter module) 3 way speaker plans: $275.00-475.00

• Dipole speaker plans: $100.00 to 250.00 ~depending on complexity of design.

• Cost-no-object speaker box design: $500.00 to 750.00 (the very best product and ideas we offer get ready for some ridiculously heavy and overbuilt beasts!)

*note that all of these are only ‘custom speaker plans’, and not available elsewhere on this or any other website, book, or publication. I design these on the fly according to our conversations and what you are looking for.

Contact us through the form below so we can start the conversation about your speaker project.

presby diy subwoofer

Bespoke Custom Speaker Boxes (see option #1 above):

Contact us for a custom quote; we will need to have a really good idea of the type of speaker you are looking for to give an accurate quote.

We specialize in sealed cabinets, ported cabinets, and dipole speakers off all shapes and sizes. Let us know what you are looking for.

Don’t want to build the Speakers? Have us build them for you

Custom Speakers Built Specifically for You?

Including building unfinished speaker cabinets, finished speaker cabinets, and complete turnkey systems that only need to be setup and turned on.

For our turnkey systems please note that we only ship speakers with active/digital crossover, speaker management systems. We do not build passive speakers at all. We can however build the speaker box and you can place your own passive components within if you like.

Basically, anything you can dream up, we can probably help you build it.

Keep in mind that not all ideas will work out because of the engineering and problems associated with acoustics. But usually, problems can be worked out to the satisfaction of the customer. In fact, in most cases, the customers are even happier with the results than they thought they could be.


What have we done so far for our customers?

Here are a few sample projects:

home theater systems speakers

Presbyterian Church Eaton Ohio

• Line source main speakers

• Sealed subwoofer:

Jims Mini Cube2: (pictures coming soon)

this speaker actually turned into a production model.

Jim sought out the design; we built it, and then decided to make it a production model with his permission. Excellent sound quality and value for this custom speaker boxes design.

Read more about it here: Mini Cube 2 – The best speakers and home theatre surround sound systems you’ve never heard!


Mini Cube Sub Reference: (pictures coming soon)

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