Custom Speaker Boxes for the Discerning Listener

We build custom speaker boxes for the discerning audiophile listener; speakers just for You
We don’t just stick speaker drivers into a box. There are plenty of companies or even a cabinet shop that could do that for you. We design works of art, both in form and function. custom speaker boxes detail cutaway of inner speaker boxIf high quality is what you are looking for from an audio system, cheap cannot be in your vocabulary. Cheap and true quality just does not co-exist. If you insist on cheap but still want excellent speakers, you have no other choice but to build speakers yourself. This page is for those looking for the next best thing to true DIY speakers for the audio enthusiasts.


What is a custom speaker?

We offer a custom speaker boxes alternative to the retail blues, or custom speaker building specifically. Believe it or not, building custom speaker boxes and custom speakers is how Alon Wolfe of Magico started his business. We get a lot of inquiries and jobs related to custom speaker work. So this letter is addressed to those who have an idea about a speaker but are not sure how to carry it out. I find it a bit comical that we are now doing custom speaker builds.jims home sub woofer cutaway

This was never my intent. I was plenty comfortable designing speakers for others to build. I would get an inquiry for a specific speaker design, and then figure out the speaker project, the box size, drivers to be used, etc. All based on what the customer was looking for. Now, it’s gone a bit beyond that; as we are designing and building these custom speaker cabinets and speaker systems for enthusiasts all over the world. Some of the ideas that people get are just incredible and make for fine, fine products. Not everyone is an artist, or can engineer using T/S parameters, or knows how to use CAD, or a table saw, or program a CNC router, or design digital crossovers, so this is where we can help You.instrument 7 monitor in red best stereo speakers


Benefits of building Speakers this way

Most often we give credit for the purchaser having a hand in the design. The last customer actually wrote about his impressions of the speaker on our site. The product is designed specifically for your needs. This is a novel concept and for those that can afford it. Having something truly fitted to your tastes can be wonderful. He had a hand in the design; we took what we thought he was after made some plans and built them for him. Then he reported about his findings after hearing the speakers. He was very happy with them, here’s his article -about the audio shelf system.dipole speaker hifi speaker Instrument 9

And another article about an upcoming product taken from a custom job subwoofer speakers. Obviously, this doesn’t always happen, and we certainly cannot guarantee that if you have an idea we will build it and make it a production model. But if it’s a really good idea; you just never know. It’s an interesting concept and certainly one that is attractive to you the customer. Also, the model built for the customer is built at a fair discount, especially if we like the product that is the result and are thinking of using it in production. We can offer a discount because we know that we can recuperate some of our design expense later through more sales of that ELA-005 subwoofer


I don’t want to give the impression that we don’t do the designing, we do

Think about it this way, have you ever had an idea about a speaker? But didn’t have the means to put it to paper, or know what parts could make it work, or know how to best build a speaker box or build the design in a real shop on real tools? Or test the speaker for the best crossover slopes and alignments? We can help You get there. We can take an idea, make a workable successful design from it, then make CAD plans for you, or build them entirely. Your fingerprint will be all over this speaker system, but we will make sure that the engineering works out and it will be a lifelong and lovely product for you to behold. We can even design and build the digital crossover that include room correction and the music server as well.dipole speaker in red mohagany

This is what we do. And it’s quickly becoming a substantial amount of our business at EbenLee Audio. Custom speaker boxes may not be the cheapest speakers you will ever own. But because they are made specifically for you, they just might be the best speakers you ever own. We choose the crossover frequency using wavelength and driver distortion within the passband.


We do not do;


  1. We don’t build passive crossovers. They go against our entire design philosophy. Do you want to play LP records and keep your signal in the analog domain? Fine, we can do fully analog active crossover stages for you using Marchand or another companies to source crossover units, all based on your budget and the demands of your specific custom speaker design.
    1. You could even source Madisound to build a passive crossover for use in a set of our custom built speaker enclosures.
  2. We don’t build amplifiers, these will need to be sourced from other companies as well. There are plenty of good amplifier manufacturers available.dipole speaker in blue
  3. Our custom speaker boxes are not warranted for full 90 day refund as our other products are.
    1. However, in the event you are unsatisfied, we will do all we can to make things right.
    2. Our business has a high degree of integrity and you can be sure we will go over and above what any other company would do to keep you happy. The customer truly is always right. We believe that fully! This is handled on a case by case basis as each job is so unique.
    3. We have never had a customer issue that was left unresolved or not to the total satisfaction of the individual purchasing the product. We pride ourselves on this fact and it is our constant goal because we know how important You are.

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