Discount Home Audio Speakers for Enthusiasts

Getting a good set of audio speakers is not as easy as you would think. The issue is, they cost a lot more than you would hope for. Discount home audio speakers are a bit elusive for anyone seeking out true quality. However, you do have some options.

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You may have never considered building a set of speakers. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it. This site has lots of articles a
bout these subjects ranging from wild to mild. You can build a set of very cheap yet very good set of small monitors easily in your garage with part of a Saturday. The speakers to the right were built on a Saturday morning. They cost $40 dollars total and have been very popular around our house. The teenagers fight over them because they sound so good plugged into their iPhones. Easy to build and easy to listen to, these speakers are real gems.

Option 2

Amazon has tons of discount home audio speakers for sale and for fairly cheap too. Some are good. Some are not so good. Look for speakers with the best reviews on Amazon to get the best bang for your buck. Just follow this link to Amazon and look at some we picked out for you. Just make sure to read the reviews or at least choose some discount home audio speakers that rate highly.

Option 3

Go to the big box store like Best Buy or Frys for example. You will have a chance to listen to speakers here, but there are a few problems with this approach. One, the noise level inside these stores makes it impossible to get an accurate picture of how they will sound in your home. Two, they are not in your home, so they will not sound like they will in your own home theater rooms interior. Your room interior is physically impossible for the store to recreate (unless they built a scaled model of your room, not likely).

The big box stores will also probably be more expensive than Amazon (some sales can create an exception). I like Amazon because you can order it from home, and have it delivered without ever having to go hassle with a sales person who has no idea what they are talking about. There’s nothing worse than dealing with sales people who know less about a subject than you do. Maybe that’s just me, but I do my own research and then I want to be left alone. I may be different than most consumers though, but I doubt it.

Budget for your Speaker Systemaudioenginedesktopspeakers

Don’t spend more than you want to spend. Speakers are one of those things where you usually get what you pay for at least in terms of the more spent, typically the more performance you will get. But there are some ways to push this even further.

Buy used gear. Not the most popular of choices, but buyers remorse creates some great deals on the used gear section of any trading post section. Look them up, you might be pleasantly surprised. Typically, you can expect to pay less than $.50 on the dollar of retail prices. I would usually push for $.35 or less on the dollar.

Have fun

The most important thing about this hobby is, don’t forget to enjoy it. Listening to music and watching movies can be a great way to spend time with family and to just be entertained after a long week of work. We love watching movies and listening to music at our house. Its part of our family culture, I think you will love it too.