Are DIY Computer Speakers in Your Future? Learn to Build Awesome Speakers for Your PC

Building a Great Set of DIY Speakers is Easy

To build an awesome set of DIY computer speakers, all you need is the right help and information…

Typical retail computer speakers

Usually, when you buy a set of computer speakers you are buying a conglomeration of cheap speaker drivers and slapped together parts.

Molded plastic enclosures are standard issue for most of the computer speakers on the market… not good.

I don’t think that most consumers if given the opportunity would choose to use such low performance stereo speakers.

So when you finally make the choice to upgrade to some nice DIY computer speakers you may be surprised by how few parts you will need to make them and just how easy and inexpensive this project truly is.

Computer speakers usually sit directly in front of you so they should be…

• Nice to look at

• Sound accurate and musical

You have to live with them.

They may as well be high performance and look good doing it.

In this case; how they end up looking is only up to you.

What kind of DIY computer speakers do you need?

Do you prefer some nice wood grain or basic black speaker cabinets? Build them any way you like… even use them for laptop computer speakers. It’s up to you to build the best computer speakers, and you can do it.


Use a good Media player such as J.River Media Player

You can easily correct for driver response using the equalizer on most playback programs like I-tunes or Foobar.

Granted, this might not be the most scientific approach and if you are after the highest resolution; there are better programs to use such as a convolution component inside Foobar for example.

But in most situations; if you use some good speaker drivers you can make the equalizer in I-tunes work really well. Good speaker drivers just do not need much EQ in the first place.

Make your own subwoofer and use a basic receiver to power the whole system

Instead of using the tiny little amp that comes with most of the PC speakers for sale you could use a cheap home theater receiver to power your new DIY computer speakers.

This would give you better sound quality and lots of headroom for great dynamics while listening to music, playing games, or watching movies from your PC.

If you build your own sub to go with the PC speakers you can use a variety of retail plate amps to power the sub. These are typically pretty economical and would be more than enough to power this nice little system.

You could also just run the speakers full range.

High volume levels at 3 feet may not need a subwoofer to begin with (depends on your tastes).

Your speaker box plans should be clearly defined before you begin your speaker box project. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Ready? Lets get to building speakers…

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