A More Thorough Approach to DIY Speaker Stands

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Building a set of DIY speaker stands is a great way to sactive bookshelf speakers diy speaker standsave money and increase the performance of your home speaker system.

Whether you want small speaker stands or hardwood speaker stands these DIY speaker stands plan sets will work great.

Finding the Ultimate speaker stands is made easier by building exactly the design you are looking for.


Why do Speaker Stands Make a Difference to the speaker when playing music and movies?

diy speaker stands 3/4 bottom view

You can get these plans for free, just click on the picture and follow the instructions.

Music and movies can be moving events.

They can give us feelings of extreme happiness, laughter, or sadness…

Why does Audio Make a difference and what role does a speaker stand have?

What if you turned off the sound when watching a movie?

Or does your system have constant popping and clicking?

Poor sound affects us psychologically.

You may not be able to put your finger on why some speaker systems are not as enjoyable…

You just know that some systems sound better than others.

It is very easy to make small changes in an audio chain and effect the output of sound into the room.

There are a number of scientific reasons for variations in sound quality.

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Small changes in the room will change the acoustics of the room. A small change in placement of the speakers can result in dramatic differences to the sound.

A speaker stand may not have as serious a change as say the ‘speaker position in the room’- but speaker stands CAN influence the overall sound quality.

What are these audible changes and How do they occur?

Bass Response – this can be changed because of how different speaker stands and mounts couple the speaker to the floor.

For example: A speaker stand that sits on the carpet will allow tiny rocking back and forth motions that will detract the speaker cone from doing its job most efficiently.

A lightweight stand will allow this rocking more so than a heavy stand will. Mass is the friend of a great speaker stand design. The heavier the stand the less this rocking will occur.

Coupling the stand to the floor with carpet spikes that pierce through the carpet and into the wood or concrete will minimize this rocking even further.

In some cases this rocking movement can be eliminated.

diy speaker stands top plate view

      The speaker stand bass size is also a factor as a larger bass will decrease the leverage that the rocking can move the stand from front to back.

Mounting the speaker directly to the stand will also improve the leverage ratio by forcing the speaker and stand to act as a single unit.

Coupling the floor speaker stands to the speaker will also transfer resonance from the speaker cabinet to the stand and then into the floor. This is good for the best home speaker stands using monitor speakers or bookshelf speakers.

Coupling can be achieved in a variety of ways. Using blu tac between the stand and the speaker will make a couple but it does also create a soft resonance point.

More optimal is a hard interface between the two; such as using cones between the speaker and stand and also between the DIY speaker stands and the floor. You can also screw the speaker directly to the speaker stand as well (although depending on the speaker you may or may not want to use this method). To see our DIY-Speaker-Plans page click here.

Imaging –this is the speaker’s ability to throw an image into the room and away from the speakers.

Sound stage width, height, and depth –can also be affected by how you build speaker stands and how they interact with your speakers. Need a small surround sound speakers system to go with your speaker stands?

Using hardwood speaker stands can give your room a more appealing look and in some situations also affect the sound quality (though not always better).

Natural wood is thought by some in the high end industry to have benefits of its own.

Although, I believe the best improvements are realized with mass and coupling. Whether real wood sounds better or not is a debate I don’t intend to make an argument for.

The worst offenders are small speaker stands.

These don’t couple well to the floor and give an inadequate platform to couple your speakers against. There just isn’t enough real estate to make a solid platform unless you have very small satellite speakers.

To see parts and materials for: Speaker Building – Build your perfect speaker with our parts and supplies from crossover components to full kits.


If you plan on building speaker stands to mate with your bookshelf speakers or monitors plan on building a reliable coupling platform for which your best speakers can play.

Speakers are a type of musical instrument and will benefit from your best efforts to wring every last bit of performance from them. The more accurate your transducers (speakers) can play; the more you will enjoy them in the long run.

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