DIY Home Theater and Home Theater Ideas to Get You Started

Am I implying that nearly anyone can build their own DIY Home Theater?


Some of us don’t know the difference between a table saw and a jackhammer.


If you use the home theater ideas outlined on this site, you can build a better home theater system for less money. (Assuming you do most of the work yourself.)

First, you need a way to save money on your equipment and supplies.

Where to get Home Theater Equipment and Parts:

I use Parts Express for most of my home theater building and speaker materials.

I have found them to have Unmatched sale prices on most A/V needs.

Let me know if you find another good supplier, I will add them here as well.

What is Most important in the Home Theater?

The home theater room.

The quality of loudspeakers.

The quality of components.

The ability to control room resonances and modes.

The ability to control your overall system response without degrading transparency.

Other Factors that can help:

Speaker Design.

Room layout.

And even using a home theater computer.

Also, don’t forget to keep a tight focus on speaker driver integration, driver spacing, time alignment, impulse response measurements and finally -listening.


Don’t be… It’s all within your reach to learn. And not as complex as you might think.

Using Multiple Sources to Ensure Unbiased Results:

We use driver distortion measurements that are performed by another unbiased loudspeaker designer- Zaph Audio.

John Krutke is a great example of a DIYer that helps others. He posts full speaker driver data on his site. This is one of my primary resources for recommending driver matches.

Science must be used in the Home Theater:

You will not need to rely on guess work to build a DIY home theater or stereo system if using science.

Believe it or not, measurements play a much larger role than most speaker designers are willing to admit.

And, measuring speakers is not hard. Nor does it take extremely expensive equipment.

Expect Excellent Results

Even if you have no desire to build your home theater room. You can learn a lot about acoustics and improve the room you have.

This is pretty easy to do.

You can be confident the outcome will be positive based on superior engineering as discussed in these pages.

It really is that simple.

Keep in mind I cannot perform miracles.

If you are expecting a Quality Theater system to cost $100 you should probably look somewhere else. A budget DIY Home Theater is a fun project to take on. A high performance Home Theater is even more fun- but expenses are an obvious issue you will need to plan ahead for.

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You will learn an incredible amount of information about home theaters and how they work by adopting a hands on approach. If you are interested in going one step further and Build Speakers to install in your home theater click here. There are many articles on this site about Home Theater PC building, speaker building, crossover setup, speaker placement and lots of other related information.

Looking for information on how to build bookshelf speakers click here. Our new bookshelf speakers are a new design and will be posted on our Purchase Direct page soon. Click on the above link to see the design ideas and principles.
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