Your Donations are Appreciated! Thank You!

Your Donations are Appreciated!
Thank You!

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Obviously, running a free website is not free. We have expenses just like any legitimate business. We put a lot of money into R&D to benefit our readers, as well as making sure our articles are kept up to date and helpful.

This takes considerable time. So your consideration really does help.

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How we keep the site free

This site is kept free by donations and sales of our products and speaker design services.

If you are in the market for custom speaker design that is done completely in CAD, then we have what you need. Design and engineering are done completely by computer modeling. Enclosure volumes optimized for sealed, or ported enclosures all based on the specific drivers you wish to use.

It is our goal to offer a full range of products for the computer audiophile and DIY home theater enthusiasts. Basically anyone looking to get better performance from their home audio system is someone who can benefit from this site.

If there are additional articles and products you feel we should publish please let us know via the contact us page at the bottom left of the Nav Bar.

Speaker Articles and DIY

There is enough information here to learn how to build and tune a speaker build or home theater calibration.

To get a list of all the articles on this site visit our “Site Map” page. There are over 300 pages on this site. All designed to help you get the most information for your project.

Need to learn more about setting up your home theater? Room correction problems?

We can help.

Start with our room home theater building page.

From speaker building to room acoustics and system tuning, its all here.

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