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On this page you will find links to the plans of our factory direct speakers and a few component suggestions.

We can build speakers for you on a case per case basis. Our real aim is to help YOU build your own loud speakers. Ideally, we would just offer assistance to help you complete your project.

Want to build speakers and just want a small surround sound speakers system?

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Digital Speaker system- Instrument 2

instrument 2 the best stereo speakers?

Instrument 2 has been revised as of 11/21/2009. This is a full range, sealed, 3 way

dynamic speaker drivers system. Time alignment is achieved in the digital domain within the HTPC. Stereo imaging is incredible as a result.

We have several tutorial pages to help with this speaker build. The Instrument 2 - DIY Speaker Cabinet help page.

We are running a Special on our Speaker Plans! Go to our Digital Audio Speakers and Speaker Plans page.

Also a factory direct speakers help page on building the Instrument 2 - DIY Speaker Box Design.

To make the build easier try this How to - build a speaker box Assembly Platform.

For a full review of the Instrument 2 loudspeaker system click here.

The Instrument 2 loud speaker may be a better all around loudspeaker than the others if you need a system for both home theater and music duties.

Factory direct speakers i2 Revision Kit: includes usher 8945p mid-range drivers, and updated digital crossover settings.

Note: I don't believe gaining a few db is worth losing the superior transient response of a sealed speaker box design. To get extra output use more efficient speaker driver recommendations, more drivers, more amplifier power, or all of the above if you must, but transient response is one of the things that gives live music its punchy, feel it in your chest- sound.

Click Here to go to the Purchase Speaker Plans Page - Digital Audio Speakers

Instrument 3 Dipolar Loud speaker

dipole speaker best picture - Digital Audio Speakers

Di-pole, 4 way, dynamic/ribbon driver loudspeaker for the ultimate in transparency and dynamics balance.

If you enjoy the sound of ribbon drivers - Speaker Driver Recommendations this is likely the right speaker for you. Google the benefits of dipole speakers for more information.

This speaker portrays a huge layered sound-stage with deep front to back depth. Images are positioned realistically in space with air around each performer. This is an incredibly musical design.

Click here to go to the Digital Audio Speakers and Plans Page for pricing of the Instrument 3 speaker plans.

If you typically like the transparency of a speaker like the Magnepan 20.1 you will likely be thrilled with this model. Similar performance character as the big Maggy but with punchier and better defined bass.

The Instrument 3 system may not have the last amount of gut wrenching transient performance of a very good sealed box loudspeaker.

(such as the Instrument 2 -Read full Speaker Review ) This speaker system is very tall standing at over 7ft. It is also very heavy at around 300lb depending on the speaker drivers you use. Built using layers of MDF, birch ply, and a sand filled baffle.

*no longer available.

Instrument 1 Loudspeaker with Single Speaker Drivers:

Omni polar single driver speaker picture - Digital Audio Speakers

This is a single driver speaker that often gets use with an active sub-woofer.

Sealed box configuration reaches to around 80hz in room. This speaker is very coherent and musical.

If used without an active sub-woofer and bass is not rolled off with an on-board crossover (within the receiver pre-amplifier)(set Main LR in receiver to 'small') below 80hz, maximum acoustic output will be limited.

A variety of full range speaker drivers could be used with this speaker plan.

We recommend the CSS FR125sr and the Tang band W4-1337SA.

These are both full range drivers each with their individual strengths.

*no longer available.

Click on the picture to see prices for all factory direct speakers.

Mini Cube Speakers - FREE Speaker Plans!!!

Mini Cube Speakers

For more information about this popular project go to the Mini Cube Speakers page. This is a simple and fun project to build. The results are amazing for the price.

These could be used for computer monitors or for full music speakers for around the house. Surprising bass for their size. The plans for these speakers are provided for free so you can see the quality of our plans.

The larger factory direct speaker plans are much more complex but our plans make building them manageable.

Speaker Building is a very rewarding project to take on. The advanced technology of the speaker drivers available, the speaker crossover options, and amplifier/preamplifier selection is simply staggering.

I believe that working through the process of your own project is extremely satisfying. I always look forward to starting my next speaker project.

The tools available to the average hobbyist today should keep you excited and busy for a very long time. You are only limited by your imagination and budget.

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Customer Testimonials:

"Peter, I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say how impressed I am with these speakers. They are EXACTLY what I was looking for..very very small with big sound.

My wife loves them as well. They look great, and you hardly notice them at all sitting on the shelf. They integrate perfectly as surrounds. I have them crossed over at 150 as you recommended...simply fantastic. I only have about 15 hours on them so far, so I know they will only get better. You really have something here. Kelly ~ Montana USA

"I found these speakers by accident and after reading all the available info and after several emails back and forth with the company owner I decided I had nothing to lose, so I ordered a set of 5 mini cube speakers.

Peter was very helpful and patient and always responded to my emails within hours.

I have had the speakers set up for a couple of days and they sound great; they are everything described on the web site.

The sound from these small speakers truly is awesome.

I replaced a set of very high quality but also very large speakers and have not been disappointed... and the wife loves not having four large speakers in the living room.

The sound from these speakers really does fill the entire house, I was concerned about the small size of the speakers due to the fact I like to listen to music and movies at volumes most would consider loud.

These speakers are more than capable of playing at volume levels louder than I ever need while also maintaining very high quality sound. ~by; William (Corinth,TX)

"I ordered these speakers in the hope of bringing some life to my entertainment system... I didn’t think it would bring room filling sound to my entire house. These speakers not only fill my den with crystal clear sound, but radiate great sound throughout the house. Thanks for such a great product!" Celia ~Malasia IP#

"these speakers breathed new life back into my music, I had no idea such small surround sound speakers could perform so well." John from US IP#

"how you got so much performance out of these speakers I have no idea -Great product!" Andrew from Denmark IP#

"nice speakers, nice finish, blended in with my room well and the wife is happy too. Great sound presentation! Now I just wish you guys made a subwoofer." Kyle from US IP#

"These surround sound speakers are amazing! After running them in for a couple days, I decided to play some tunes, and they never once sounded distorted or strained...

While I know they should be paired with a good sub-woofer bass system, I think they sound good enough that I can wait until I have the money to buy a really nice sub." Fred US IP#

"Wow, what a great set of speakers. I really understand what you mean by a large sound-stage." Sandy from US IP#

"Recently I came to realize that my HDTV was better than my sound system... So, I decided to piece together a better sound system. Running across your site (and these speakers) was the best thing that has happened to my home theater.

My current system is; an older receiver, a home theater PC with a blue-ray player drive, and one pair of your Mini-Cubes. (for now; I plan to buy 3 more speakers soon)" Kevin US IP#

"Purchasing a new set of surround sound speakers was a must for me. My old system looked awful and sounded even worse. The quality and look of your Mini-Cube speaker were a perfect fit.

Once I reviewed the ratings and tests I knew they would be perfect. I will be sure to look for more information and products from you. I can't believe the performance of these surround sound speakers for the modest price. I would recommend these speakers to anyone!" Mike US IP#

"The overall quality and dynamic capacity of these speakers really took me by surprise. Their imaging is distinct, tonality is crystal clear, and oh yeah... they pump out some serious volume!

I feel like I have stolen speakers that I can't afford. People that spend more are Suckers!!" Micah US #Ohio