Easy Free Speaker Box Plans; “Learn to Build Speakers on a Saturday Afternoon!”

Want Free speaker box plans?

Complete these small satellite speakers; easily build them on a Saturday afternoon.

Estimated project time is about 4 hours.

Difficulty; 3 out of 10 if you are familiar wood and power tools.

Even more free plans available just check the link in the right column…

Use them for home theater ceiling speakers,

small computer speakers or even audiophile stereo speakers.

Don’t want to build speakers and just want a small surround sound speakers system? – go here!

finished mini cube speakers free speaker box plans

Get some speaker drivers from Parts Express; I used the HiVi B3N speaker drivers for this project.

To find these speaker drivers see the HiVi Speaker Drivers at;Speaker Building – Build your perfect speaker with our parts and supplies from crossover components to full kits.

They are cheap, well-built and sound really great. You may need to EQ a notch at around 8 KHz if you use a computer for playback (if using the HiVi B3N driver).

If you cannot EQ, they still sound really good run straight through a receiver or preamp.

These speakers will need to have a subwoofer if you plan to use them for home theater system duty. If you are using them for audiophile computer speakers then they will probably work for you sans-sub.


Stereo Imaging from these speakers is top notch. Images will be thrown all over the room.

Part of this is because of the small baffle and size. Having no crossover in the signal path (if you use your on-board crossover from the receiver or none at all) will help with imaging as well. And, being a single driver playing both treble and mid-range this little driver can play very coherent and hold images together very well.

The bass is good when you consider the size of these things. They are really small. And they can play well down to about 150 Hz where it is best to have a sub-woofer handle the rest of the low stuff.

Most home theater receivers have a crossover that can be set to 150 Hz. This will send all the bass below 150 Hz to a sub and everything above 150 Hz will be played by these mini cube speakers.

Voices sound very good especially considering the price it will take to build these (about $40.00 USD).

These are not no holds barred audiophile speakers but who cares. They are cheap, sound great, and are simple to build.

Not only that; I think they look pretty good too.

Try them out for yourself; learn to build these mini cube speakers with these free speaker box plans.

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