Does A Good Home Theater System starts with Good Audio Speakers?

Getting the best audio quality from a good home theater system is one of the most important aspects of the Theater experience.

instrument two reference stereo speakers

Bad audio = a distracting presentation.

This often goes a step further than just distracting…

It can be downright annoying and make some films unwatchable.

Why audio makes a difference

Without good audio the movie or music will not draw you and your guests into the action.

Its really that simple. Bad audio will net you a poor home theater experience. I’m not saying that poor video won’t do the same. But the audio is really the weakest link in most systems, not the video.

Home Theater design is a balancing act…

Home theater systems performance can be measured in several ways. The most important tool for this measuring are your senses.

Does the movie experience pull you into the action?

Do you forget about the worries of the day when watching with your family?

Do the voices, action, and explosions sound realistic and dynamic?

A good Home Theater will easily perform all of these tasks and it does so because it is overbuilt for the task. Home Audio / Video – The items you need to enhance your home audio and video experience

A Home Theater audio system should be overbuilt so that it can easily perform the task you will ask it to do.

If your system struggles – this will be heard as distortion, muffled voices, one note bass, and so on…

Projectors Home Theater and HDTV sets – Important?

Yes, but the video is the easiest factor to get ‘right’ in a good home theater. Many of the displays and projectors are now state of the art.

Home Theater Calibration for video can easily be made to determine a units performance. And most of the latest projectors home theater and HDTV models do in fact perform very well.

However, there are factors to consider such as wall paint color (can influence on screen color), and lighting but the video is pretty simple.

The projector unit or HDTV set will do most of the work for you.

Home Theater Audio Performance; “Acoustic Accuracy” Is Not So Easy!

Audio performance is a different matter because each room that a stereo speakers or surround sound speakers system is installed in will sound different.

Each system will perform different because of the parts and materials used in the design and from the room in which they are installed.

This article is meant to help us get the best audio performance and a good home theater experience.

Or no box at all – Dipole Speakers:

Dipole speakers have advantages in bass reproduction because they create a cancellation front to back. A null is formed to the sides of each speaker.

This null will minimize room reflections from the side walls. And, because bass causes the most severe problems in the playback response this can be a clear advantage.

On the downside it will take an extreme amount of power and excursion to achieve the same SPL compared to a sealed box. This is a component of the front to back cancellation.

Bringing it all together

Inevitably some research is in order to get the best experience from your theater room. You will want to take not just the video or HDTV into consideration.

The audio is just as important and in some situations, (depending on how poor the audio is) can become more important to upgrade those audio components first. Consider where your system really stands…

… where is your system the weakest? Audio or video? Now put into action a plan to fix it. You’ll be glad you did.


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