Have Theater Suckage? Wishing for a really Good Home Theater instead?

Tired of that old home theater in a box? Planning on building a Good Home Theater?

Is an HTPC part of your plan? (home theater personal computer)


There is technology emerging in the high end home theater market to help even the average consumer achieve optimal performance.

What is it?

The computer… or more accurately, the HTPC.

Computer technology is growing so fast that it seems reasonable it will become an integral part of any good home theater speakers system.

A simple example of Wireless Home Theater systems Controllers:

With a remote desktop you can control the playback of movies, volume, lighting and any part of your house that is wired into your home automated system.

This has been done for years, but computers are becoming so easy to integrate that the even an average computer user can set up the programming.

It hasn’t always been this simple.

Make your life as integrated and easy as possible with a home theater center controller like a wireless laptop or an iphone.

These devices can control the HTPC -integrated into your home theater audio system.

It takes a little bit to learn about how to set up programming for the remote desktop but once it is done you will never want to go back.

Computer Gaming and Home Theater Systems:

Computer gaming can be streamed into the Home Theater systems too.

Nearly anything you can imagine can be controlled by the computer within your home.

Often you are surfing online anyway. The computer seems like the most logical choice to control these items with.

Another Remote Control Device- Your Smart Phone:

As if controlling a Home Theater computer by remote desktop wasn’t good enough- now it is very easy to also program smart phones to do the same.

The smart phone can be programed to turn on your home lights, open garage doors, even act as the remote control for your computer and Home Theater system.*

And all of it can be integrated with a smart phone as well making the phone a simple wireless home theater systems controller.

With the i-phone and now smart phones controlling nearly anything that the computer could control was made possible as well.

*whole house automation hardware may be necessary for some phone controlled functions such as lighting control.

For more information about programming your cell phone to access the computer go to ‘Google’ and type in “program your phone to control the PC”.

There are multiple articles to help you do just that.

Technology is fun! Enjoy it to the fullest.


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