“HDMI Audio Video Cables & Bi Wire Speaker Cables” Best Computer audio Cables

How to shop Smart and Save big Money on cables:

Do you think that HDMI Audio Video cables could make a noticeable difference in the performance of any audio and video system?

HDMIcablesMy position regarding ultra expensive cabling has changed.

I have realized that there are differences between cables but that these differences can be measured. And, are usually subtle…

…these differences can also be heard and seen on the equipment that we use in the home theater.

But if you take a decent quality cable with a sound design (most mid-line cables these days) the performance is going to be more than adequate. It should unnoticeable from even an extremely expensive model.

The largest difference is found when you upgrade from a very cheap model to a mid-line cable manufacturer.

Don’t try to save a few pennies by buying the cheapest model. Get a cable that has good reviews on Parts Express and buy with confidence.

Save Money on your HDMI Audio Video Cables and smile All the Way to the Bank:

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The truth is that there are better things to spend your money on than expensive speaker wire connectors such as found on Audio Quest cables (for example).

Now, I don’t have any problem with you paying top dollar for some high end cable.

If that is what you choose to do with your money –go right ahead!

Where to get reasonably priced cables – Speaker Building

– Build your perfect speaker with our parts and supplies from crossover components to full kits.

Get decent cables and the Best Speakers and electronics you can afford

There are more important and weaker links in the playback chain than the cables used to connect the audio/video components.

It is wise to spend your money on those components like speakers, HDTV sets, CD players, media servers, and analog audio amplifiers just to name a few.

These components are much more complex and have many more possibilities of flubbing a task. The cable has an easy job it seems (to me and most other science and engineer types).

Shopping for HDMI Audio Video Cables or any Home Audio Wiring:

Don’t by those super expensive HDMI Audio Video Cables. Often, they are built by the same manufacturers that build the cheap cables but the install a nice pretty protective braid and jewelry cable ends to make them look as expensive as their price suggest.

The truth is that often these cables are not much if any different than the cheap stuff found at Best Buy. But you can guess that anyone who buys these expensive wires will want to see the difference that they make – and he will. Even if no difference exists.

Use a quality cable built by a reputable manufacturer. Cables such as these can be found at Parts Express Wire & Cable – We carry a large selection of bulk reels to completed cables and HD Video Capture cables. Some of the finest cable manufacturers supply for Parts Express. I use them almost exclusively for my audio video cable needs. Believe me, they will save you money – just take a quick glance at their prices…

Often, I will make my own boutique style cables with nice audio jewelry cable connectors to get the look I want.

But again, the price is much, much less than buying retail boutique cables.

Don’t be fooled into spending considerably more on an HDMI cable or home audio wiring cable system. Get wires that conduct well and get the job done.

Use gold plated Connectors on video, HTPC, HDMI, and computer audio cables if possible.